Luci Vieira da Costa 09/05/73 47 Mother
Krishna Gouri da Costa 31/12/01 18 Child
Kalindi Robson da Costa 03/08/12 08 Child

Craig Robson 01/05/75 45 Father of Kalindi
Carol Robson 22/12/49 71 PGM
John Robson 18.02.47 73 PGF


03/09/99 Craig received a caution for having an article with blade or was sharp;y pointed in public place.
10/02/00 Craig received 18 month custodial sentence for criminal damage with intent to endanger life.
16/02/00 Craig was convicted for Producing a Class B drug (Cannabis) and received a Condicional discharge in July 2000.
10/10/00Luci came to live in UK.
31/01/01Krishna Gouri da Costa was born.
12/08/12Kalindi Robson da Costa was born.
12/08/13 Craig was violent. Luci called the police. Craig kidnapped the baby and run to the metro station. Police officer brought them back. Luci reveals his cannabis factory in the . Craig was arrested.
The electricity was cut. North Tyneside Social Services were called. First social worker: Joana Dean. 2 Health Visitors: Joana Pearson and Debora Smith
29/08/13 Craig instead of looking after Kalindi, as he was doing everyday, while mother would go to work for an hour at the library, he called the police informing them that the children were left alone. Luci was cautioned for child neglect. Craig then took baby Kalindi to his home.
30/08/13 Craig went to North Shields County Court, judge Jackson returned Kalindir to Luci immediatly and his solicitor arranged a timetable for them to share the baby. Luci would have to hand over Kalindi to Craig at night. Retard arrangement, without consideration that the baby was used to be breastfed 6 times at night! After insisting by Luci, Craig, also annoyed for having a screaming hungry baby at his flat at night, agreed with Luci to have the baby just at day time. She wrote a contract and both signed it.
And order was made that stipulated that Kalindi would reside with both parents under a shared care arrangement and that all handovers would take place at Howdon Metro Station. Craig applieds for a Contact Order, Residence Order and Prohibited Order in relation to her daughter Kalindi. H is mother, Carol also made an application for a Residene Order in respect of Kalindi.
Luci applieds for a Contact Order, Residence Order and Prohibited Order in relation to his daughter Kalindi. .
14/10/13 Alison K. Dodds took over the case as second social worker.
18/10/13 Due to cold, Luci and her children moved to a B&B accomodation.
22/10/13Luci and her children return to family home after eletricity is reinstated.
23/10/13 A conciliation hearing took place and a Schedule 2 letter prepared by Cafcass for the hearing (Guardian, Vince Rice). The report recommend for there to be a Section 37 report by the Local Authority. However it was felt by Cafcass and those representing Luci, that it would be more appropriated for the Local Authority to advise the court in the first instance as to their plans in respect to Kalindi. That will then inform the private law proceedings as how they are to proceed.
28/10/13 Luci was summoned and also arrested for her involvement with cannabis farm. Craig answered police Bail.
15/11/13 Craig attended Magistrate court.
06/11/13 Hearing about Contact Order and Resident Order.
13/11/13 Alison and Victoria Manser went to mother's home at 7pm. Forced mother to hand over her children and sign section 20. Otherwise they would call the police and remove the children by force. They assured Luci that the chikdren would be returned as soon as she got another accomodation. Luci got a new accomodation 2 weeks later. The children were never returned. Instead Alison Dodds wrote a document to the court with 85 lies to justify their application to court for Care Order.Children were accomodate together with the same Foster Carer.
18/11/13Krishna was moved to a separate placement from Kalindi.
29/11/13Luci moves to new accomodation.
05/12/13 Report of smell of cannabis on Craig's flat.
16/01/14Krishna showed evidence of self harm.
31/01/14 Judge Loombha gave ICO, s31. He was mislead for not have given the mother's positive reports from 3 month from the first social worker and the 2 Health visitors.
08/01/14Craig sentence for 20 month.
31/03/14 Hearing to poison Kalindi (vacination).
03/04/14 SS made application for a s34(4) no contact order and injunction order. On 25/05/14 Judge Loombha gave none.
01/05/14 Hearing about Religion discrimination. Judge Wood order that Krishna be taken to the Hare Krishna temple once a month. Clair Hunter, children's solicitor lied to Luci, 5 minutes before the hearing, that Kalindi was ill.
22/08/14 Judgment for Krishna. Judge Rachel Hudson condenmed Krishna to be in care till 18.
12/12/14 Hearing - application for an independent social worker, a further assessment of myself by and Independent Social Worker and the removal of the guardian and recusal of the judge. (the judge denied all of these 3 request).
13/01/15 Judgement. Kalindi was sent to live with the PGM under SGO
22/01/15 Order. Kalindi was placed with PGM under SGO and Luci is allowed to see her once in two month, supervised and her criminal drug addict father, Craig Robson, can see her every week or any time he wish. Judge also gave s91 for Luci for 2 years! And Luci has to pay £60 to see Kalindi to Children North East for one hour contact.
21/10/15 Judge Justice King denied appeal of s91..
30/10/15 Applied to dismiss the SGO.
03/12/15 Hearing with judge Lordy about Prohibited step order. He told Luci that judge Hudson gave her a s91 what forbids he to apply to any order for 2 years, plus anything relate to the case has to go trough her. He also said that: "It is very unusual for someone to have got a s91"
Lordy said just because Luci got s91 he could stop the application to go any further, but instead he sent me back to Hudson.
CAFCASS had to be called.
11/01/16Hearing listed for directions with judge Hudson about the Prohibited step order Luci requested to not allow Craig to have access unsupervised with Kalindi without first undertake a hair strand test.
On this day will also be a hearing about dismiss the SGO.
Also about Krishna to dismiss the care order. She was represented by Sheelagh Coles.
04/02/16 Hearing about dismiss the SGO, judge Hudson will decide whether return Kalindi to me. Also whether the judge will order Craig to have a hair strand test. Kalindi was not returned to her mother and Craig was not ordered to have a drug test. He attended the hearings whti his head shaved...
11/02/16 Krishna's hearing. Judge Hudson told Vanessa Bell, from Cafcass to assess Krishna. We will return to court on 27th May 2016.
22/02/16 Luci made application for Appeal for Kalindi's case of discharge the SGO.
02/03/16 We had a hearing to request the judge for a psychologist to evaluate Krishna whether she has been influenced by her mother to apply to dismiss the care order, as Social workers accuse her. Judge refused it.
28/04/16 Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane refused the appeal.
27/05/16 Krishna Hearing. My barrister, Robert Gilbert, requested judge Hudson to recuse herself for being bias.
03/06/16 Jugde Hudson did not recuse herself.
03/06/16 Applied to increase contact with Kalindi.
07/06/16 Applied for disclosure of the court bundle.
22/06/16 I made complaint to Judiciary about judge Hudson, for refusal of recuse herself for being bias.
04/07/16 I made complaint to CAFCASS about Vanessa Bell for label.
07/07/16 Sent application to the RCJ for Appeal the refusal of the judge to recuse herself.
04/05/08 16 Kishna's Final Hearing... 9 month after her application.
05/08/16 Judge Hudson informed in court that Krishna would not be allowed to return to her mother.
17/08/16 Krishna's case judgment.
19/08/16 Kalindi's hearing about increase contact with motjer.
01/09/16 Krishna's hearing about increase contact with her mother and have unsupervise contact.
26/09/16 Kalindi's hearing. I applied to increase contact.
The hearing was postpone for 10.10.16 because the waiting for the result of the appeal regarding the judge refusing to recuse.
17/01/17 Hearing about the Application to increase contact with Kalindi. It was adjourned for 2-3.4.17.
16/03/17 Forth Hearing about judge Rachel Hudson to recuse herself.
24/03/17 Luci took the matter of not recusal to the High court.
3-4/04/17 Hearing about Increase contact with Kalindi and her mother.
12/04/17 Judge Rachel Hudson decreased the contact instead.
30/10/17 Hearing to discuss how is going my contact with Kalindi and the application for section 91 by the PGP.
The contact to remain the same. Luci was given s91 again.
28/11/17 Applied for permission to Appeal at the Family Division of the High Court.
13/01/18 The Application for permission to Appeal refused.
29/08/18Krishna applied to Dismiss the Care Order. She has now requested to be heard in another court by a new judge, for an urgent hearing. 3 weeks has passed by and she has not yet heard anything about this application. On 25/09/18 she was informed by the court that it is under consideration.
03/12/18Resolution Hearing. Judge Hudson agreed to pass the case to another judge but appointed a Cafcass guardian against Krishna's wishes and right to chose to not have one. Her case will be dealth in the same court. Social Services applied for an Injunction order against the mother. She has to take everything about her children and the case off the internet.
07/01/19Injunction Hearing.
21/01/19Krishna's hearing.
18/02/19Injunction Hering. The judge gave Luci a gagging order.
18/04/19 Krishna's Final Hearing. Judge Hardy didn't dishcarge the care Order.
18/05/19Application to discharged the SGO.
04/10/19The SGO was not revoked.
19/10/19Applied to Appeal to Appeal Court.
06/12/19Appeal Rejected.
17/12/19Applied to Master Rolls. High Court
17/12/19Applied to Supreme Court. They did not accept the Application.
02/03/20 Appeal rejected by the High Court
14/03/20Krishna applied for Contact with her sister Kalindi.(Carol didn't accepted mediation)
06/04/20 Appeal rejected
08/05/20 Applied for an an enforcement order. So Luci can see Kalindi every month and without pay and in the community, not supervised.
06/05/20 Applied to the ECHR.
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