Social Workers Poem

I am a social worker,
I'm really very nice.
I help you loving mothers,
And give you good advice!

Your partner has departed
Your income is too low.
I'm really very sorry,
All your kids will have to go!

Your partner is abusive?
He beats you black and blue?
We'll soon be there to help you,
And take your children too!

You have a learning problem,
You're really not too clever
We'll get your kids adopted
When can you see them?? NEVER!!

Your son is hyperactive?
You need a brief respite;
We'll soon take ALL your children
Give up the hopeless fight!

Your child was taken into care,
So many years ago
If now you have a baby
That too will have to go!

Foster parents love your kids
To get some more they seek,
For each one brings a tidy sum
£400 per week!!

Children's homes are run by us,
Where pedophiles abound
Each time we cover up abuse
"The gutter press" come round
"They" said adoptions worked the best
We soon proved that they would
Fathers shout and mothers cry
Their kids are gone for good!

What happens in our special courts?
Our experts they will say
"You're a danger to your children,
So we'll take them all away!"
Your children may be healthy,
Happy and well fed
But one day you might hurt them
That's what our experts said

The judges know that we are right,
With us they will agree
They dare not risk another course
You have no chance you see!

Our special courts are secret,
So don't you breathe a word
Of what goes on inside those walls
No matter how absurd!

We'll get your kids adopted,
And don't you dare complain!
Or you'll end up in prison
And I won't say that again!

We have adoption targets,
They must be met you see,
Failure means a reprimand,
So spare a thought for me!!

by Ian Joseph

James Mee

The family courts consist of a place, where a single judge can order, by decree of the state that your children are taken from you; evidence does not matter and the speculatory or unproven can ensure that the State's objectives are carried out. Children may also be subject to abuse within Social Services care centres, this abuse is deliberately intended to push parents into an emotional reaction, when they are already vulnerable. This emotional abuse of the parent is then used to present a case, where it becomes the parent who is deemed to be emotionally incapable of caring for the child, rather than the system, which perpetuates its innocence in such matters.
Next the State tries to ensure that mental health issues, or other issues are brought to the forefront. If not real, they will be manufactured in order to justify the State's objective. The state achieves this using an array of professionals who act as accessory after the fact to emotional abuse (The Fran Lyon Case). In secret meetings, professionals can tell whatever lies they think fit, or can create scenarious, which they then manipulate and produce later as reports, for submission into court. These professionals can also lie and distort and produce false and erronious accounts of conversations which have taken place.
It does not matter if this information is accurate or inaccurate, or even whether the evidence presented is truthful, as the judge does not have to take any notice. For the parent's part he or she is discouraged from contending the information, or maybe even unaware of it. This was also the methodology used by the People's court, introduced in 1934 by Adolf Hiter and completely contravenes Article 6 of the Human Right's Act.
Next this pseudo "Nazi system" uses State law or at least their version and definition of it to permanantly remove the child. This of course amounts to further severe physical and emotional abuse of the parent concerned. The family court judge, for his or her part, sits in a place of unequivocable power, thereby cannot be challenged. He or she can simply put his or her thumb up or down on a whim and no evidence need to be taken into consideration. Because the oracle of "potential future harm" has already spoken. This "oracle or pseudo Guru", comes in the form a human and is commonly known as a Guardian or Guardian Ad Litem. -
The new Social Services concentration camps, have now completed their job, in separating parent from child and can now move on to their next victim.
Welcome to Britain 2014. ~ The rise of the concentration camps for children, with assistance of the family courts.
by James Mee

"Liberal Democrat John Hemming talks about the corrupt adoption laws in the UK - Forced adoption, which no other European country has. Rogue State can grab a child for reasons invented and force an adoption.
Recorded RT HD, Underground, February 08, 2014 "

"John Hemming MP exposes corruption in the SECRET family courts."

In one of his interviews for BBC TV, John Hemming just said. "If social workers are threatening to take the newborn then flee the UK. We do not have Justice in Family Court here"
He also spoke with Record TV on my documentary.

"Denise Robertson -Conference to Stop the forced adoption "


Sid - Walk for Justice


David Paul Jenkins
Today (19/08/14), I and Mumtaz Khan joined Sid Hingerty in your "Walk for Justice" through Cardiff, as far as the outskirts of Newport. Sid needs more support so if you are in Cardiff and Londres, please show your support by joining Sid for a mile or more.

Linda Biggs
Please all parents and grandparents share it. Sid is doing this to each child and baby that were taken by the SS and the government. Walk with him to show your support.


"Last night (17.09.14), another child abuse scandal was exposed on TV.
What is wrong with this country's history?
Child abuse and pedophilia seems the same as in the past.
Many children were stolen by the thousands by Catholic nuns.
Some were given to pedophiles.
Today nothing has changed.
Instead of Nuns have Social Workers who have a license from the government to stealing and abusing children.
Children under the care of the assistants are enslaved, suffer horrific abuse and alienation. These children will later be damaged beyond repair.
Every day, when social workers believe that these children are suffering they get a satisfaction equal to pedophiles.
Try to prove me wrong. I have the evidence. "


Alison Dpdds

It is absolute fact mental illness is being abused by Social Workers and the system and those who suffer from mental illness, even as mild as depression, can be subject to the most horrendous abuse by the state system. Once again, the demarkation line for anyone with mental health problems should be prosecution and conviction before adoption. if someone has harmed a child, they should be prosecuted, enough of the use of the family courts as concentration camps.
Still the state seems to believe it has a free hand to snatch children, for the least of reasons. Not only that, but also engineer, fabricate and make up reasons, which a family court judge will merely accept as par for the course because it amounts to his or her pay packet.
The family courts are NOT about justice, indeed in many cases they very much appear to be about fraud and corruption. A malicious and vindictive out of control state mechanism perpetuated, by an equally appalling and abusive Government. It's sole purpose seemingly to move the child from point A to point B, whether that move is legal or not, matters not, because if there is no justification, those concerned will fabricate justification. by James Mee

The way both male and female parents are attacked individually.
Firstly, the family courts are part of a cleverly engineered pantomime show, in which the strongest parent, or the parent who is most likely to succeed or win the case is viciously and uncomprosingly targetted and then made subject to the most profound, and aggressive "tactical emotional abuse" by the "professionals". This attack, because that is what it is, often includes false witness testimony and false statements, which are fully intended to discredit the person concerned in the family court.
However there are differing ways in which Social Services use these tactical attacks to obtain they outcome they and this criminal judicial system wants.
In the case of male parents, their aggresssion towards their maltreatment, will be used as a weapon against them. Usually males show aggressive tendencies towards staff when they see their children upset or frightened. Of course the fact that Social Workers will have provoked and exasperated the male into retaliating is conveniently overlooked.

In the case of females their emotional distress, sorrow and anguish is used against them. This is the lowest form of attack there is. Anyone knows that to lose a child is heartbreaking, but to the Nazis, (Social Workers) it means nothing. They use the human emotion of the female as a method to perpetuate idea that the female parent has some form of emotional/mental health problem.
This idea of "mental health illness" is then used as a weapon to target the female's parenting capacity, thereby demonstrating that the woman is incapable of looking after the child, because of some mental health disorder, they say the woman has. These mental health disorders, are often undiagnosed and although Social Workers are not qualified to diagnose anything, Judges will still see this as fact. This is another system methodology.

Beware:- Social Workers, can be the most devious vile, underhanded, unscrupulous, vicious, destructive people on the face of this planet and the judges in the family court system, completely biased.
I have seen this method used, I understand how it works, expressing it however is profoundly difficult.

by James Mee


Why does this country preach against the death penalty or even beheadings, whilst every day its family courts dangle children in front of parents, using them as pawns through contact centres, solely in order to act out some legal game or other. Where there has been been abuse, certainly this should apply. But what happens if the parent is innocent or has not been charged with any crime of abuse? I will tell you what happens, this stinking system along with its judges and politicians bury their head in the sand and ignore the injustice.
How much enjoyment is had by sick minded Social Workers, who only wait for the day where the parent, who now similar to the prisoner on death row has been told when the final date for the last act of barbarity will take place and he or she has to say goodbye to their child.
What a sick, emotionally cruel, retarded and inhuman system this really is. As for the wretches who perpetuate it, there are no words to describe them.
If you work in the family courts, or Social Services; please never, ever talk about injustice in other countries, because there is no doubt at all that you are accessory after the fact to inflicting injustice and your own style of barbarity upon others and blindness is no excuse.
For politicians and authorities to dangle children as pawns, simply to bring an outcome for some twisted pseudo legal system, which can only ever lead to a lifetime of heartbreak and grief for a parent, who has neither been charged let alone convicted of anything, whilst condeming injustice in other countries, is nothing but the most wretched, stinking hypocrisy imaginable. The truly reprehensible face of the UK can be seen in the family courts.
by James Mee

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James Mee
James Mee

White Wolf

With sharp words you wrote beautifully
About life and joy and love
About hate and injustice
About Hell and the above

Oh you wrote about justice
And the darkness of events
About war and about peace
And the pain of crying parents

And you fought bravely and hard
keenly felt my tears and pain
My dear hero and bodyguard
Meeting you was never vain

Day and night I missed my baby
You console me in my grief
You gave hope, never a maybe
Gave me strength, gave me relief

You were father and brother
And my husband and friend too
You weren't like any other
Like a bird you came and flew

You are gone and I miss you
And I cry every day
How can I see you again?
How can I hear what you say?

My tears showers bitter rain
I regret I didn't tell you
how much I adored you
How can I see you again?

by Luci da Costa

"Ian Joseph -Conference to Stop the forced adoption"

Ian Joseph is a wonderful man.
He is a millionaire, lives in Monaco, he studied law at Oxford University.
He is always available to answer a call or respond to an e-mail. He gives legal advice.
He has spent more than £30,000 to help more than 200 pregnant mothers to flee the UK.
Social workers threaten to take the baby from the mother as soon as he is born, so if you do not want to lose your baby the only way out is to disappear from the UK and Ian paid for this!

Birmingham conference in December 2012 Part 1 (Lawyer Brendan Fleming)

Brendan Fleming is an attorney. At this conference, the first thing he said is that he does not work for Social Services, he works for the parents and to help parents get their children back, and he, along with knowledge of family law, he also needs knowledge in criminal law, because he is dealing with criminals."

Exhibition - Please do not take my child (Forced Adoption Lit, by Kellie Cotam)

Please do not take our Child

(BBC Panorama)



In my opinion Children's act 1989 should be scrapped COMPLETELY and in its place should be a child protection law requiring arrest, charges, prosecution, and conviction of the alleged parent. the "balance of probabilities" which are mainly for a TORT law should be replaced with BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT.
And if the social services have in their opinion identified child abuse, then they should seek immediate prosecution, and the child or children been placed in the temporarily custody of their nearest relatives (Grandparents, uncles, aunties etc).
If the parents convicted after been found guilty for child abuse or neglect the children or child should be placed with a relative without the hassle of court proceedings (SGO applications).
Foster care or adoption should be the last resort.
If parents found NOT Guilty the children should return immediately to their parents.
If the social services have concerns that in the future the child (or children) may be harmed by one of the prents, then they can appoint a family liaison officer whose duty will be to visit this family as often as she/he can assisting the family, advising the parents, and monitor the child's welfare.
Children perform better in their lives when they are living with their natural parents and are not isolated from their biological family.
Of course there are some bad parents. Such parents should face prosecution because child abuse it is a crime.
Having the focus on the welfare of the child, the traumatic experience of an abused by parents child, can be reduced by placing this child within a family member, and NOT with strangers. Otherwise the victim feels that has been abused and punished for being the victim.
Judges should be the same judges that sit on criminal cases so there is no need for family law judges in regards to public law proceedings.
Family law judges can deal ONLY with private law such as divorce cases, parental dispute and so on.
If the social services claim that the child or children have been abused or are in danger for being abused this is criminal offense and can only be dealt within the criminal court.
Other Child protection issues should be managed outside the court arena and as long as the children remain within their parental environment, and the social workers are working with the family without the pressure of the threat to remove the children.
This will save £billion per year. Will built better family environment and better children.

The right to a fair trial (as peer article 6 of the Human right's act 1998), means that Any court, any judge, in any case, should held the rules of law, and the Judges should act with respect, integrity, honesty, transparency, been unbiased at all times, delivering judgements, that based on the truth, and based on true evidence.
An assumption it is not safe to punish people and children whether is criminal court,or a family court,
These days judgements are published on the internet. So the injustice bring misery and tremendous suffering to the victims of injustice.
The worst is that a judgement can be read but the facts lead to such judgement will not be released.
The victim of injustice will get a gagging order so He or She will be unaible to defend him /her self explaining to the public why the judgement is wrong.
The rules say that there is a process called an Appeal.
In the family courts, appeal judges are supporting the original judgement, and by doing this injustice continue to stay in place.
Various bloggers and "legal experts" they are reporting court judgements but their are failing to write how and why these judgements where made. Of course these experts will say "we dint have the evidence so we write what we see".
If a bloger writes about an injustice providing all the facts and all the evidence that the court have seen, we may end up having the FALSE judgement made by a Judge, and the TRUE judgement that been made by ordinary people based on true evidence.
The official judgement is of course the one that has been made by a Judge inside a family court.
How many wrong judgements are been made?
How many children today are suffering away from their mothers and their fathers in care of local authority, because the so called experts sold false opinions to accuse innocent parents of something, so these parents can suffer for the rest of their lives the loss of their child or children?
The author of this post been a victim him self has seen over 500 cases of family court injustice.
The author of this post have seen young children been abused in foster care.
The author of this post have seen evidence of perjury and perverting the course of justice inside family courts, offenses that have been committed by social workers.who have no respect of children, no respect of the law, no respect of family values, no respect of the fellow human being.
Because such injustice has a single purpose :TO REMOVE CHILDREN FROM THEIR FAMILIES
Injustice are been served deliberately to steal 100000 children .
And this is GENOCIDE. YE

Punishment without a crime on the run from social services
An exclusive investigation by Channel 4 News gains unprecedented access to underground networks which help families flee from social services in the UK.
The families say they are forced to flee because they will not get a fair hearing in the UK in the family courts. They turn to shadowy networks, often based online, and run by other parents, many of whom have already lost their children to the care system.
The scale and sophistication of the networks is extraordinary. We were told of safe houses across the UK where parents and their children could lie low before heading overseas, of fake birth certificates and of keys for rented homes in foreign countries that are exchanged in the middle of the night by strangers connected only by the networks.
As to the numbers involved it is impossible to verify, but we were told by one woman central to several groups that help parents get out of the country, that there has been “anything [from] 300 to 600 families in the past year that have left [the UK] from the involvement of social care”.
The most popular destination is the Republic of Ireland, but the networks extend across Europe, Mediterranean countries being the other main destinations for families on the run.
From UK foster care to Cavan
We went to Cavan, a small town in the Republic of Ireland and one of the hubs for the network. There we met a mother who described a meticulously-planned snatch operation to steal her four-year-old son from foster care in the UK. At an organised contact session, she arranged an untraceable car, fake ID papers and even had a wig waiting in the car. “I knew I had to get him and get to the boat straight away. I knew that if I got caught, I would be done for kidnap,” she says.
Her son had originally been put into voluntary care after she had a breakdown. She insists she got better but they refused to return him – leaving her, she says, with no choice but to run.
Having made it to Ireland she turned herself in to the authorities in the belief – shared by many in these networks – that she would get a fairer hearing from Irish social services. “They are not idiots over here but it’s the way they act [and] work completely differently,” she says. “They took him, completed the assessment and decided what was in my son’s best interests.”
For this mother that decision turned out to be that she could keep her son. Having been helped by the network herself, she in turn began to help others. This is how the networks regenerate themselves and grow.
The charge levelled against the parents we spoke to was not physical or sexual abuse but emotional abuse or the risk of future emotional neglect or abuse. They say it is a charge that they cannot defend themselves against.
We met one British couple, Julie and Andy (not their real names), hiding out in a southern European country [pictured above]. The network helped them flee from the UK earlier this year when they discovered she was pregnant. They are now a couple in hiding.
Like many parents we met, their argument was that they were not given a fair hearing by a system that was too quick to remove children. Their child was removed at birth because the mother, who suffered pre-natal depression during her pregnancy, and the father, were assessed as posing a risk of future emotional neglect.
According to the couple, the local authority “just pressed the nuclear button”. Talking about their daughter being placed in care they told Channel 4 News: “We hadn’t hurt her. We were punished for something that we hadn’t done.”
While they accept the need for action in some cases they insist that parents can be accused of something that it is impossible to defend themselves against: “We recognise that that the child protection system is important but you can be convicted of the potentiality of causing harm or neglect.”
They are now in hiding. “Once you’ve lost one you have no chance at all…after our experiences of our first child we have absolutely no confidence at all in the system.”
Channel 4 News discovered an unlikely figure in an unlikely location, who is a central character in these networks. He has taken it upon himself to assist in the flight of many of these families. Sitting in Monaco, Ian Josephs [pictured left], an 80-year-old British businessman, puts it bluntly. “It’s war,” he says, “between parents who’ve had their children taken and the social workers who’ve taken them.”
Having first come across what he sees as family courts’ injustice some 30 years ago, he now helps hundreds of families each year as they fight the system to keep their children. “I get two or three new calls every single day practically,” he says. “That doesn’t sound too many, but if you multiply it by 365 it comes to quite a lot.”
But it is more than advice: “I’m no Bill Gates, but I do pay for pregnant women to escape the country.”
He is motivated by an unshakeable belief that the system and the family courts have the wrong approach and that other countries will treat parents fighting charges of emotional neglect in an entirely different manner. “If you saw the women that I have seen whose babies have been snatched from them by truly heartless social workers who’ve shown no compassion, no sorrow, no pity, no words of consolation, you would think that somebody should do something about it,” he says.
“Why is it happening so much in England and not in France, for example, where I live, or Monaco where I live, and not in Spain and not in Italy? It’s a very British phenomena.”
Who are the networks helping? Mr Josephs and the other networks say they screen parents and do background checks into their histories before offering help. But how much can they really know about the parents and children they help flee the UK and the safeguards of the child protection system?
It all poses profound questions about who these networks are helping and whether they are not in fact putting some children in further danger. It is a view shared by Professor Corinne May-Chahal, the co-chair of the College of Social Work. “It is clearly saying that there is something very wrong with the system, if the only option people have is to run then there has to be something that needs to be looked at,” she told Channel 4 News.
She adds that the potential risk to some of the children involved is of serious concern: “There are probably some very vulnerable children and how can we know they are getting the right help? It is really very worrying. If what’s happening within the system is forcing parents or encouraging parents to leave then that could well be putting them in more danger.”
And she says that this points to a wider issue in the system designed to protect children. “We all know the system has to change. And it’s not just social workers that need to improve – that is the key. Social work has to work within the system and it is the system that needs to change, not just one person or professional body within it.”
Punishment with out a crime on the run from social services

forced adoption

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