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CORE ASSESSMENT RECORD, 11/10/13, by Joana Dean, papers 29 Parental Issues - Phsysical Illness YES
I had physical illness in my younger years, but not recently.
I refer to the report written by Dr. Stephane Hill.
"Ms Da Costa generallly described good physical health whilst growing up, albeit requiring an urgent operation for Appendicitis when she was 12. Treatment for Tuberculiosis when she was 17 and Kidney stones when she was 19"
There have been no recent occurrances of physical illness.
However, I feel this is being used in a modern context, in order to try and persuade the court, that I also have physical health problems, which I do not.
Parental Issues - Mental Health NO
Then why it is stated in the reports written by the second social worker, Alison Dodds, who took on my case and removed my children, that I have mental health problems?
And why is this also contradicted in the report written by Dr. Stephane Hill, where it is stated "Using this formal classificatory system, Ms Da Costa does not demonstrate problems with mental illness".
Once again I believe that those working within North Tyneside Social Services are engaging in creating a factitious and fictitious case against me, which bears in many aspects, little or no resemblance to the truth.
Parental Issue - Period in care during childhood YES
This is an outright misrepresentation of fact, I have never been in nor had a period of care, once again I contest that North Tyneside Social Services are engaging in creating factitous procuration of evidence, without my right of reply being acknowledged.
Parental issue - Problem drinking/drug misuse NO
page 22
Yet there have been instances in the reports where statements have been made that there were concerns over substance abuse, whether that is drink or drugs, I don't know. However I have never abused or misused alcohol or drugs.
The family suffered a traumatic loss or crisis which is unresolved YES
This is untrue.
Does a member of the household experience poor mental health NO
Then why have Alison Dodds and Rebbeca Anderson continued to reiterate that there is a mental health problem? Are they qualified in the field of mental health, in order that they can diagnose it? Categorically and definitively No. Quite frankly they seem to write whatever comes into their heads, that may in term be detrimental to my case.
Does a member of the household experience poor physical health YES
Again, No, no one did, but how could they know, were they with my mother and father in Brazil? However, I suppose it could be true to say that Craig suffered poor physical health due to his Cannabis smoking.
page 23-24
An adult member of the housefhold has a history of violence NO
Yes Craig has a history of Domestic violence, however I am no longer in that relationship.
There are frequent family rows NO
Yet it has been stated that our relationship was acrimonious.
Household bills are paid regularly NO
I have always paid my bills regularly.
The family is managing on the income they recieved NO
I have always managed on the income we recieved, although later Craig was not supporting Kalindi as much as he could have done, in terms of providing for clothes. But since when has poverty or low income been a reason to remove children?
If in debt this is increasing YES
I was and never have been never in debt, why do they lie so much?
Family members experience discrimination/harassment YES
page 29
Yes I have suffered discrimination and harassment in the past and more recently by North Tyneside Social Services.
The family is a close and loving family. They are all committed to animals and vegetarianism. (...)
Counter Statements.
Dr Dan Armstrong, 10/02/14 papers 30
page 1 Luci has been subject to violence and controlling behaviour from her ex partner who is currently in prison for growing cannabis.
page 1. Luci now is separated from her ex partner. she has found alternative accomodation where she feels safe and which is suitable to accomodate her children.

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(...) Luci informed that she communicates with family in Brazil and London. She also has friends whom she talks with. (...) At assessment by Community Health Team on 10/02/14 there was no diagnosis made and no indication for involvement from mental health services.
Again why have two Social Workers consistently and persistently stated I have?
page 2 She presented without any evidence of mental health difficulties. her behaviour may be in line with the cultural of values of her culture of origin. (...)
Dr. Stephane Hill, also wrote in her report that:-
"Using the this formal classificatory system, Ms Da Costa does not demonstrate problems with mental illness".

Child/Young Person's Looked After Review, 28/02/14, by Alison Dodds, papers 33
page 24 A full parental Skills Assessment is to be undertaken on Luci da Costa to further assess her ability to meet the basic needs of the children, her ability to provide them with a safe, warm and nurtuting home environment, ability to prioritise their needs and to safeguard them from harm. (...)
If this is the case, should this not then be done in house, under an interim supervision order?
Please refer to
Under Conclusions And Recommendations

ii "There are positive elements to Ms Da Costa's care of her children, she clearly loves them very much and has a strong emotional connection with them."
iv "There is no evidence of substance misuse or, despite some acute episodes, mental illness. There is nothing to base a diagnosis of personality disorder as Ms Da Costa largely functions well enough and has, by her self-report, managed a business in Brazil. Neither is there the breadth or depth of problems required in her functioning generally, outwith the particular emotional and hostility directed towards Children's services.
The reason for this hostility is because Children's services have lied systemically throughout this court hearing and on a consistent and persistent basis.
xvii) There is no indication that Ms Da Costa poses a risk to herself. There is no relevent history (she was dismissive of my questions) and stated her religious beliefs give her continued strength.
xxi) The difficulty here is in determining those risks which predated the children's receipt into care. It is clear that since their removal. Ms Da Costa's hostility towards Children's services has increased significantly and she has NO capacity to work with them.

However, this does NOT signal an inability to parent or that she would pose a risk to the children, if they were back in her care.
Looking back at the evidence for potential harm, this appears to be episodic, - apparent brief periods where her high expressed emotion and outbursts could be harmful to the children brief periods of depressed mood, where their needs may be neglected. Both of these could theoretically be monitored through health and latter school services, as well as children services. (Although clearly the latter would be problematic). Future relationships could also theoretically be monitored, although I am concerned that Ms Da Costa would not inform children's services if she thought it would lead to further intervention (interference).
Once again the reason for my inability and unwillingness to trust or work with Children's services, is because of their propensity for lying, twisting and distorting facts and then creating facticious reports, based around their own clearly prejudicial viewpoint.

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