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CAFCASS my papers 8
by Laura Grundy, Family Court Advisor, 18/12/13

This person (Laura Grundy) Met me and KRISHNA only once for 15 min in the contact room.
The report made is based around a totally biased and misrepresentative speculation about my relationship with my daughters.
She stated in court and in this report that there is no bond between me and KRISHNA and that I was distressing my baby.
This was a total fabrication of fact and is disproven by the many videos and photographs I have brought to the court as evidence, this person is lying.
Indeed, her report was based on hearsay created by Social Services and also she never once witnessed me interacting with KALINDI. How can anyone write a report, which is supposed to be factual, without even being present? In my opinion her reports have displayed a wilful intent to pervert the course of justice, through false statements and no doubt deliberate and wilful misinterpretation of fact. If this were a criminal court the evidence she presents, would be dismissed as it is purely speculation and hearsay.
I am at this present time preparing to write a complaint to the bar about her behaviour and conduct in court.

INTERIM CARE PLAN, 21 Nov 2013, my papers 6
page 2 and 4 (...) KALINDI was placed in Local Authority foster care on 13/11/13, under a voluntary arrangement, following concerns being raised in regards to Ms Da Costa's parenting.
Statement already made relating to this, please see my statement on section 20. This is false and repetitious.
page 2 and 4 Ms Da Costa has indicated that she is not willing to provide on-going agreement to this arrangement and therefore the LA is seeking and Interim Care Order to secure KALINDI's safety during these care proceedings.
I have fully refuted this argument in my previous submission. Under wilful intent to deceive. Again it is false to say that I ever agreed to fostering and adoption. I only agreed to accommodation. I reiterate, that the facts is that I was misled and provided with disinformation without recourse to legal advice and I submit once again that this was undertaken to deliberately mislead and act in a way which was detrimental to my human and legal rights.
Alison Dodds, at the time also falsely stated that she would return my children, thereby totally misled me and lied. As soon as I had obtained a new house, which was within a couple of weeks, Social Services did not return my children. I didn't even had the time to contend the the agreement as North Tyneside Social Services immediately sought for an ICO. The law was subject to abuse with a wilful and dishonest intent to deceive.

page 3. The Local Authority hold signinficant concerns in regards to the parenting afforded to KALINDI whilst she was in the care of the mother, and therefore itis recommended that further assessments are needed before any plans in regards to KALINDI's care arrangements can be made. Absolute precedence has been given to KALINDI's emotional and physical safety and wellbeing.
Similar to previous statement, it is rather North Tyneside Social Services who have subjected me, KALINDI and KRISHNA to sustained and systemic physical, psychological, spritual, Racial and emotional abuse. The only danger to KA's safety was through my ex partners drug abuse, a situation I might add, which I am no longer in, having obtained a new home.
Counter statement.
HEALTH VISITOR REPORT FOR A LOOKED AFTER REVIEW MEETING, 28/02/14 by Joanne Pearson and Debbie Smith, my papers 23
page 6 Luci has moved into a 3 bedroom first floor flat and both Health Visitors have visited Luci at the property which is warm, adequately decorated and furnished with age appropriate toys for both children. (...)
page 6 Luci has managed to maintain routines and structure to her day, despite living under extreme stress without her children.
page 7 Furthermore, Susan Reed also commented about KRRISHNA adapting to her mother's changing needs, but states she wants to return to her mother's care and she identified many positives about her Mum.

(KR's solicitor said in court in 28/01/14 that KRISHNA didn't want to return home again this is untrue, why is the court persisting in the promulgation of false truths and unfounded allegations?)
page 7 (...) However, as requested Luci has addressed her mental health and engaged with appropriate professionals, as Luci's emotional well being has been significantly impacting since the removal of her children. Luci has enganged with the community mental health team, who have carried out a psychological assessment and have indicated that there is no diagnosis or role for them at this time.
CAFCASS 22.10.13 my papers 24
page 2 Drugs and alcohol abuse. (There is no abuse of either alcohol or drugs on my part)
page 3. Police National Computer checks:
page 4
(Luci)No convinctions in the UK.
page 4 He (Craig) informed me that he had been agressive in his previous relationship with Luci Da Costa, which ended in August 2013.(...)
page 5 Craig Robson informed me that there had been domestic confilct in his previous relationships; (...)
page 5He also told me that he had ha another relationship "a few years ago" in which he denied domestic violence but states that "obviously there was loads of disagreements" (...)
page 5He (Craig) told me that he has lived at his current address for about 7 years (this is not the most recent address on his Police National Computer check).
page 6 She (Luci) feels that the Police were unsympathetic on 11.08.13 when she reported that she was a victim of domestic violence by Craig Robson, therefore she states that it was her who decieded to tell them about the Cannabis farm in her loft. (...) She indicated that she knew Craig Robson was involved in Cannabis production prior to 2013 but that was not within her home.

page 4(...) drugs and alcohol abuse (...) (There is no abuse of either alcohol or drugs on my part)
page 9 (...) Evidence of this has been seen within the property with broken glass panel in the kitchen bench and broken glass in the floor.
That is a lie. I had broken glass on the bench but not on the floor. It was cleared up in the same night the mess was done. Joana Pearson helped me clean the glass inside the cupboard, and that there was no glass in the floor.
page 9 (...) when she (Luci), was offered temporary accomodation but refused this as she did not wish to leave her cats.

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The only temporary accomodation offered was a Women's Refugee in Newcastle, which was 10 miles from KRISHNA's school, which may have affected attendance. Instead of that, I found myself a new home.
page 10 However during one visit Luci was seen coming down the stairs on her way out and it was felt that the workers not have arrieved, that Luci may have left the children upstairs. This night, Joseph Robson and someone came to visit me at night.
This is biased, speculative and suppositional whilst also being completely untrue. Although it is true to say that I was preparing to go out and was was putting my coat on in order to do so, when I had to answer the door, it was not true that I was going to leave the children behind. However, I was also ready to take the pram out in order to take the children out with me. Instead we went back upstairs where Joseph then made this suppositional but unfounded allegation that I was leaving the house and the children were going to be left behind.
There was never any question of that, or any evidence at all to support this allegation, it was purely made from the mind of Joseph Robson. It is completely untrue to say that I was "going" to leave the house without my children.

page 10 As outlined within the chronology Luci received a caution for harassment which was reported to have taken place over a number of months.
Craig would call the police on me few times, saying I was harassing him, however that was untrue.
page 13 There have been a number of concerns raised regarding poor supervision of the children from Luci (...)
Alison Dodds, seems to have stated that I left the kids alone many times. However, as I have stated on numerous occassions, I left KALINDI with KRISHNA, who is a perfectly capable girl, but only once. My supervision has always been adequate.
page 13 KRISHNA's relationship with her mother is difficult to assess at this stage, due to the short period of my involvement to date and this has generally been in response to crisis situations. (...)
Alison worked with me from 18/10/13, my children were removed on 13/12/13 and indeed here she has admitted she did not know about the inter family relationship, between KRISHNA, KALINDI and myself. She only spent a very short time getting to know me, yet seemingly was capable of writing lengthy and detailed reports about me and my children, reports which to all intents and purposes were incorrect and some were dishonest, infactual and misrepresentations of events.
page 17 Throughout my involvement Luci and Craig both have worked well with me and other professionals and have made themselves available for all arrangements with them and maintained regular telephone contact. Daily visit have continued to see the family throughout my involvement and Luci has responded generally in a positive manner to this.
My involvement has been prominently responding to crisis situations which has impacted on my ability to gather/explore information requiered for this investigation.
page 17 There are some positives outline within this assessment and there are elements of the children's needs that are consistently being met, such as providing them with food and clothing. I feel that parents baseline of what consittues good care for children and what they need, is based on whether the children appear happy and go to school. I am unclear if this is cultural issues or their lack of understanding of a child and their development.
KRISHNA has a very active social life, she attends her Kung Fu classes, has been involved in various drama and plays, she plays the piano and also attends her local place of worship, she has a full and active social life, this contravenes, what is stated above. My care for my children falls well above any baseline, created by any authority.

Alison Dodds also stated " My involvement has been prominently responding to crisis situations which have impacted on my ability to gather/explore information required for this investigation."
Yet despite this statement it has been clear that Alison has made a number of subjective reports which have been at best questionable and speculative at worst an untrue representation of facts.
She also seems to counter these by saying that I (Luci) do my best to make my children happy. Of course I do as well as the statements below.
"On a couple of occasions Luci has brought KR along to participate in demonstrations for Chinese New Year to help her develop and expand her ability." Paul Tennet, Kung fu master.
"KRISHNA also had excellent written and verbal communication skills. KRISHNA made lots of friends during her time with us and took part in 2 Theatre Productions Annie and Beauty and the Beast. During KRISHNA's time at Acting Up she grew is confidence and very much enjoyed her classes." Paula Wrigth, drama teacher.

page 18 (...) It is clear that parents decision to have the cannabis farm in the home has had a detrimental impact overall to the children (...)
Firstly, I did not make any decision to have a Cannabis farm in the house, nor was it my wish that one should be there. Furthermore, it was me who contacted the police about the farm, whereby, as a result, the cannabis farm was destroyed in 11/08/13. However it was not until 3 months later, that my children were removed, if this was an issue, why were they not removed beforehand?
page A7, 11.01.13 Concerns were raised within the Local Authority following Luci attending a housing advice interview.
She reported that Craig was working for her landlord and doing some restoration work on her home. Luci reported that he stayed in her home although in a separate room but that he was aggressive when and often shouted at her. She stated that on one occasion when KALINDI was one month old, she finished breast feeding and he punched her in the face.She said he had not been violent to her on any occasion.
In January I attended house a housing advice interview to make a request for a house, as I was suffering both verbal and physical abuse from Craig as a result of his need for drugs.
page A8, 29.08.13 I left the baby with Krishna, recieved caution for Child Neglect.
This is the one and only time I left my baby in the care of my 12 year old, daughter, who I believed was emotionally mature enough to look after KALINDI for a short while.
A9, 09.09.2013 A Police referral was recieved in relation to an incident that occured on 07/09/13. It was reported that Craig contacted Police when Luci failed to bring KA to his address as per the agreement. Whilst the Social Worker was at the address, Luci arrieved with KALINDI and handed her to Craig.

I was late this time because I went to town to buy some clothes for KA, what caused a dely in my arrival to Craig's.
However, when I arrived at Craig's house, no Social worker was present, just a police officer. I told the police officer to check on Craig's flat, as he had Cannabis growing there. However the police officer refused to check, saying that he had a 'nose of a dog, he could smell if there was cannabis in the house.'

A10, 10/10/2013 (...) Luci did not report to the Police, which she stated was due to her being fearful of Craig.
Craig was violent and abusive towards me, I was concerned not only for myself, but also for my children, which is why I sought to find a new home.
CORE ASSESSMENT RECORD, 11/10/13, by Joana Dean, papers 29

page 7
Child is given appropriate adequate and nutrittious diet includig fuilds. YES
Childs' sleeping place is clean and comfortable. YES
Child's nappy is changed regularly YES
Child medical/clinic appointment are generally kept YES
Parent/carer takes action to prevent common accidents (plugs cooking
arrangements dangerous substances) YES
Child is protected from abuse. YES
page 7 There do no appear to be any concerns regarding Luci's ability to
meet the health needs of her children. (...)
page 8 Luci herself is fit and well. There have been some concerns that she has some health issues an this was not noted and explored in the first Initial Assessment completed around the time of KALINDI's birth. There was no evidence at that time to sugest that mental healthy concerns were apparent. (...)

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