Laura Grundy

his woman who was employed to be my children's Guardian, met me only once with each child, in 2013.
Yet despite the fact she was supposed to be independent, she admitted in court to copying and pasting reports made by the Social Workers, who had already issued inaccurate reports into court. Thefore the innaccuracies in the statements were compounded by my children's Guardian.
Here in England, they would describe this as a fair hearing, however it was anything but. It was simply one professional following the other, without once checking as to whether the right information had been submitted. However, with a judge, who only had the appearance of caring, I don't suppose it mattered.

Revised PLO Cafcass Case Analysis
Date of Application: 22"“ November 2013
Court: Newcastle County Court
Court Case Number: UY13C90005
Cafcass CMS Number: 591678
Application Type: Care
Hearing Type: Issues Resolution Hearing
Hearing Date: 13‘ May 2014
Children’s Guardian: Laura Grundy
Office Address: Park View House
Front Street
Date Report Completed: 29April 2014
Initial Analysis Filing Date: 30"‘ April 2014
Current Update Filing Date: Not applicable
Child's solicitor (where applicable) Claire Hunter
Details of any current orders Interim Care Orders
WARNING: This report is restricted by rules of court. Unauthorised communication of the information in it is a serious matter and may constitute contempt of court NOTE: Significant factual errors (not matters disputed by the parties) in this report should be referred to the author. Any concerns about other aspects of the report (for example, the extent of enquiries, the opinions expressed in it or matters disputed by the parties) must be addressed in court.
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Name of children Date of birth Ethnic origin KRISHNA RDC 03.08.12 F BraziIianNVhite British
Incorrect name, her name is KRISHNA GOURI DA COSTA and she is Brazilian and Portuguese, not British, 31/12/01
KALINDI GP 31.12.01 F BraziIianNVhite British
KALINDI DA COSTA, and she is Brazilian, Portuguese and British, 03/08/12
Name of parties Relationship to Date of birth M/F Ethnic Origin (and other important adults) Child
CRAIG ROBSON Father of 09.01.75 M White British
North Tyneside KRISHNA and KALINDI are subject to Child Protection Plans Children’s Services and have been accommodated since 13"‘ November. Neither parent is in agreement with this continuing.There was brief historic involvement from Birmingham Social Services and brief involvement from Gateshead Children’s Services.
In compiling this report I have had regard to the welfare checklists set out in section
1 (3) (a) to (f) of the Children Act 1989 [and section 1 (4) (a) to (f) of the Adoption and Children Act 2002], as relevant.
Complete the following sections using a bullet point analysis:

Risk analysis Strengths in the family system
There is a risk of emotional harm to both
This is purely a speculative statement and is also not justification enough, on its own, to remove my children into care.
children, primary due to the volatile and frightening behaviour of their mother. There have previously been positive observations of mother’s interaction with Mother has made threats to workers and the children and there has only been father of KALINDI. Her behaviour has limited involvement from agencies. become increasingly concerning; the cause of her current presentation is not Craig Robson, father of Kalindi, has been fully understood. observed to interact positively with his daughter within contact sessions. Page 2 of 17
There is a risk of physical harm. Luci Da Costa has a conviction for neglect in relation to leaving KA in the care of KR. There have been allegations of domestic violence and both parents allege that the other has physically hurt KR. There is an allegation that KR was slapped by her mother.
Firstly left my children for half hour to go to work as I have stated on previous occasions, I might remind the court also, that a slap is not representative of physical harm, however my ex partner told the Social Worker this and it is untrue anyway.
Secondly, I have not been convicted by any court for neglect. Indeed KA was under the supervision of my 12 year old daughter, who I deemed to be mature enough to be able to manage a short while, whilst I went to work, in order to get money for a new house. I also was expecting my ex partner to have been there very shortly after I left. So I did not think that this posed a real problem. I realised later that this was a mistake, but it was done out of necessity, I have never left my children alone before that time.

Krishna Both parents are subject to criminal proceedings and should they receive custodial sentences then they would not be in a position to care for the children. Mother has refused to allow either child to receive their immunizations which could place their physical health at risk.
In Brazil they have stopped using the tri-vac as they are deemed to cause a risk of Autism possibly due to the usage of Thiomersal, of which one component is Mercury. I researched this and deemed that there may be a health risk to my child if they were given the vaccine. I might remind the court, that it is not a criminal offence to refuse the children vaccine. Possibly because if the Government did make it law, they would be liable for any vaccine related damage to the child, which came as a direct result of the vaccination being administered.
It could also be argued that in a baby which is less than four weeks old, that the blood brain barrier has not been sealed, so in fact the vaccine poses a greater risk in young children than it does in babies of six months or older. I refer to the scholarly article below.
I might add that this decision was not taken without a lot of research into the matter and since the Guardian is a solicitor and not a Doctor then her knowledge on this subject I suggest, is neither greater nor less than my own.
"Blood-brain barrier, blood volume, brain size. The blood-brain barrier impedes, but does not fully block chemicals from entering the brain and central nervous system. A newborn s blood-brain barrier is more permeable than that of an adult. This leads to greater levels of toxicants in a child s brain central nervous system."

Craig Robson has a conviction for damaging property recklessly and a previous drugs offence. There are concerns relating to parental substance misuse. There are concerns that KRISHNA has not been protected from adults who may present a risk.
Craig had difficulties relating to Cannabis, but he never smoked in front of the children and my religion forbids the use of Cannabis, so I did not use it. Craig moved out in the August anyway and I now have a new home, so there is now no risk to my children.
The children are currently safeguarded as they are in foster care however mother is not in agreement with the plan and has made enquiries about leaving the country.
I never agreed to my children being placed in Foster care. As regards signing section 20, I was tricked into signing this document, when my Social Worker lied to me about what would happen. I was told that there was nothing to worry about and that my children would be returned to me. I was unable to obtain any legal advice in relation to this document, before signing and since I am Brazillian, I did not fully understand the implications. However, nowhere on section 20 does it mention fostering and adoption.
Evidence base: Evidence base:
In addition to sight of the court 0 Court papers and my own bundle I have observed mother's observations. contact with KALINDI and whilst there were positives I noted that she had provided sugary foods however she then criticised the foster carer for this, gave KALINDI a spray bottle to drink out of & stated that she would not swallow the top as she was, “not stupid”, KALINDI was not able to operate the trigger mechanism and therefore could not get the water out.

I do not and have not provided KALINDI with sugary foods, would the Guardian please state to the court what this food was.
As I have stated, KALINDI wouldn't swallow the top as stated here and Laura Grundy States here, she couldn't even operate the trigger mechanism, she wasn't meant to, she is a baby. Therefore could not get any water out even less run the risk of choking on the cap. Therefore it was not dangerous. I might remind Laura Grundy, that we are talking about a baby here.
However, of course I have always provided KALINDI with the proper nutrition and water, otherwise my baby would not have been alive, now would she?

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Towards the end of the sessions Luci Da Costa became distressed and verbally abusive causing KA to present as frightened and anxious, it required the input of both me and the contact supervisor to manage the end of the session.

If there had been a witness with me or a video recording, we would know what lead me to get distressed. There were a few times when I visited my baby KA, that she would appear distressed, although what is not told, is that Social Workers may well have removed the baby's toy in order to get her distressed. Of course seeing KA upset would upset me, that is only natural. Indeed the manner by which Social Workers have operated against me in terms of my baby was witnessed 01/05/14.
In front of several witnesses, My children's solicitor told my barrister to inform me that KA was very ill with an Iron Deficiency, five minutes before I went into court and it upset me a lot, obviously. However, this statement I found out later was untrue anyway. I have no doubt that this was done in order that Social Services deliberately wanted to upset me, in order to prove that my appearance was that of a distressed and emotional person, when I came into the court. If that were not the case, why did they not wait until the end of the hearing? They have done this several times with Kalindi, it is they who caused her to be distressed, a few minutes before I visited, probably by removing the toy from her and then they distorted the facts, which they then presented to the court.

0 I was observing CRAIG’s contact whilst the Looked After Child Protection review was taking place and was able to hear Luci shouting and crying and am aware that she was not able to return to the meeting.
0 I have had discussions with Luci Da Costa both before, and after observing her contact, and explained my concerns as to her presentation within contact, as too has the Local Authority; unfortunately she has been unable to address her behaviours to the point where contact had been suspended.

Social Services, took away my breastfeeding baby KALINDI, which caused enourmous distress and then seemed to expect that we have no emotions, how inhuman are these people? I wonder how you Laura Grundy would feel if this happened to you. In the Hindu Religion, Laura we have a thing Karma, it is very similar to the Christian religion's teaching of do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.
I suggest this is a very hypocritical approach, one which negates and is intended to negate rightful human emotion. Of course any woman would be extremely distressed if her baby was taken away from her when breastfeeding, though I seem to think Laura has or shows little understanding of this. Perhaps therefore Laura is not a woman?

o I have had discussions with Craig Robson and observed his contact with Kalindi.
o I have spoken with Mr and Mrs Robson, paternal grandparents to KA.
Luci Da Costa is currently struggling to engage with the Local Authority and her emotional distress is such that at times she cannot prioritise the children's needs. What is not clear is if this has been caused by an acute reaction to the stresses that she is facing

Laura has obviously no understanding of the pain which is caused when a child is removed from its parent, else she would know that my emotional distress is directly related to the Kalindi being taken away from me.
To take a child, for life, is equivalent to a life sentence for the parent, Social Services should perhaps think about the consequences of their actions. Especially when their actions are unjustified. The authorities seem to expect mother's to behave like some automated robots, without feelings, or emotion, or compassion. I am sorry, but mother's are human beings, perhaps even more human, because they are mother's.

or if she has a long standing condition, given that there has been a number of house moves/school changes, which has not previously come to the attention of agencies.
This is an attempt to divert away from their own abysmal failings as an authority and how would my past history of changing a couple houses be the reason of my distress? In the army there is such a thing as post traumatic stress syndrome, which usually occurs after a Soldier has experienced extremely stressful or extraordinary events, or witnessed death.
What makes Laura think that to have a child removed is any different, to someone suffering from the above. The emotional distress is horrible? - she seems incapable of accepting that there is such a thing as human emotion, I cannot imagine any worse distress anyone could inflict,than to remove a baby from its mother. Inhuman is not the word to reflect this apparent lack of emotional understanding, psychopathic, however is.

Until there is a clear picture as to the reasons for Luci Da Costa’s current difficulties and how best she can be supported to overcome them, the timescale for change cannot be identified.
There is the obvious solution, return my children, stop telling lies in order to present fabricated evidence to the court, be honest about the character of Krishna, respect me as a parent and stop behaving as if you have no understanding about how much this must hurts, believe me it is very painful. However, there is nothing this thoroughly deceitful organisation could do to help anyway, nor would I ask any help from it.
Her ability to engage in the assessment process is unclear. Luci Da Costa does appear to be actively trying to circumvent contact plans for KRISHNA, in addition to attending Kung Fu;
Assessment is not what this is about, this is about fostering and adoption, please no more lies. Alison Dodds knew I would go to the academy but when she said i couldn't go, otherwise KR wouldn't go, then I stopped.
However, from April her kung fu master informed me that R is no longer attending this academy. Why not? It was agreed with the Social Service that she would attend it every Wednesday. I would take KR to Kung fu every Wednesday since 2008, she enjoys it, now why she is not taking there anymore? Oddly enough this is not the profile of Krishna her solicitor presented to the court, KR was described as a sad and lonely child, yet this is a child with plenty of friends and activities as is recognised here.

she has given KRISHNA another mobile phone.
KR wants to communicate with me, why is this not allowed? Am I a criminal?
Indeed Social Services, stated that I had refused any telephone contact, but if I had refused that, why would I have given her a mobile phone?

It also appears that she was alerted to KR visiting the Hare Krishna Temple (however, KRISHNA had left before her mother arrived so no contact took place).
Her foster carer dumped KRISHNA for one hour in the temple class time, instead of bringing her to the drum class, which she regularly attended. However, KR was never again taken to the temple, missing all her drum classes, night festivals and performance and associating with her friends.
This was more about religious discrimination than about me. A statement made by a Social Worker in an earlier report, said that my beliefs were unacceptable in this country.

Luci Da Costa was observed to show no emotion towards KRISHNA when she was accommodated and has been reluctant to take up the offer of contact with her eldest daughter.
This is facticious and a lie. I had to insist for my then solicitor Amir Assadi to get contact with KRISHNA. Only after a month the Social Service decided to let me see KR, and then it was just once a week and they only allowed that because mr Assadi requested it.
This may suggest a poor understanding of her daughter's emotional needs and raises questions as to the nature of the bonds and attachments between them.
This is absolute creative rubbish, I love my daughter. Anyone can see on a website that I designed for her, all the activities I have engaged with, she is well liked within school plus I have taken her to Disneyland, USA, Brazil, Portugal and India.KR's website'
Krishna is aware that her mother has considered suicide which will have caused her additional distress.
Once again there is an inherant lack of human emotional understanding with this comment by Laura. There has been distress caused to me by the actions, lies and attitudes, of the British authorities and their Social Service legal system.
Whilst CRAIG is largely working well with the Local Authority and his contact with KALINDI is a positive experience for her, his criminality and possible substance misuse both impact on his parenting ability.
The Local Authority proposes to undertake a Parenting Assessment which, if Luci Da Costa is able to actively engage in the process, will provide necessary insight into the family’s history and functioning, it will not however be able to comment on the psychological profile of either parent or, quantify risks presented by their criminality.

The first Parental assessment was made by Suzan Reed, who based her opinions around the allegations of my ex partner. The second parental assessment was done without interviewing me at all.
Evidence base:
1. In addition to reading the documentation provided by the Local Authority as outlined above my own observations of Luci Da Costa and discussions with KR suggest that this is a complex situation which requires a very thorough understanding.
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KRISHNA acknowledges that her mother is experiencing some difficulties at present and whilst she would state that this is entirely due to CRAIG, she wants her mother to find her "balance” again. KRISHNA believes that this can be achieved if they move away from CRAIG, however on my most recent visit she suggested that if they were to be some distance away then "all of this” which she meant as professional intervention, would cease and her mother would be able to recover on her own.

I have found a new home, away from CRAIG, yet this has not been once acknowledged, as for the professionals, KRISHNA is an intelligent child, she knows that Social Services have engaged in a conspiracy of lies, deceit, misrepresentation and dishonesty .
KRISHNA does not appear to have any form of bond or affection for her younger half- sister, indeed she requested that they be placed separately. This is in my view an unusual situation and suggests that her mother, because of her own views of XX Robson, has not been able to encourage KRISHNA to build a positive relationship with her sister. It would suggest that, whatever the outcome of these proceedings, work should be done with Krishna around her feelings towards KALINDI, with the hope that a more usual sibling relationship can be established.
I would engange KRISHNA to play with KALINDI with soft toys, which would make KA and KR laugh a lot. Krishna would also plays the piano while KA would play the drum. Health visitors have been witness to this. Also it is perfectily natural for an older child to be mildly jealous of a younger sibling, therefore KRISHNA's expressions are not out of the ordinary.
However, could Laura perhaps explain to the court, as to how an enforced separation of the two sisters, could possibly make their relationship any better?
KRISHNA told me she couldn't stay with KALINDI in the same house, because she was crying a lot and often. and that it was this which was causing her distress. However I personally doubt that has a clue about how distressing it would be for a baby when that baby is forced into seperation from its mother.

INITIAL CHILD PROTECTION CONFERENCE - 07 November 2013 my paper 22
5.40 (Ms Peacock Health Vistior) She (KR) has spoke kindly of KALINDI (...) 5.45. Ms Smith (health visitor) stated that "she has observed a relationship between KRISHNA and KALINDI and she explained that she has seen KALINDI enjoy listening to KRISHNA play the piano.(...)"

I interact KALINDI and KRISHNA at home and they enjoyed each other.
Krishna can be very focussed upon relationships with males and appears to have a poor understanding of potential risks, particularly from strangers. This suggests that she has not been provided with appropriate boundaries and would be consistent with the Local Authority’s concerns that Luci Da Costa does not a acknowledge the potential risk to her daughter from engaging with adults about whom little is known.
The only 3 males that used to visite us was Jayshell Morokar from Leeds, Andrew Binias from London and Jan Das, from Gateshead. They are my friends, belonging to the Hare Krishna's faith. And Dan Petersen that visited us once. I teach Krishna to never be alone in a room with an adult male or a boy, this has been proved by Krishna's dislike of the male foster parent in her room.
As a footnote on this, am I not entitled to have male friends? Or is everyone who is male a paedophile. I find the State preoccupation with the idea that all males pose a risk, to be disturbing and also a false portrayal, my daughter has never been subject to that kind of harm and she is very aware of the dangers.

Child/Young Person's Looked After Review, 28/02/14, by Alison Dodds, papers 33
page 20 Krishna remains in her foster placement with Chris and Debbie Higgins. Krishna is struggling with being in foster care and has expressed that she wishes to return to the care of her mother. (...) Krishna has also recently expressed to Laura Grundy, Children's Guardian that she wishes to move foster placements and she is uncomfortable with having a male presence in the home. )
There are suspicions that Luci Da Costa has maintained indirect contact with Krishna, and whilst she has not engaged with plans for supervised contact, she has been seeing Krishna at her Kung Fu, which has not been sanctioned by the Local Authority. Krishna does not wish to have supervised contact with her mother, whilst I cannot rule out that there has been on-going, illicit indirect contact, I find Krishna’s reluctance to spend any one to one/quality time with her mother, and complete lack of distress at being accommodated, unusual and would question her attachment to her mother.

Her Kung fu master, Paul Tennet has taught my children for a long time, he is witness to Krishna's ability and also to my behaviour with Krishna, he is also aware of how close we are and that I share a loving bond with Krishna. Krishna, wants to return home and apart from the State's maladministration and determination to procure and promulgate false statements against me, she would now be home with me and this would not be happening.
Krishna does not wish to return to her mother’s care at the present. I have observed that whilst she is not expressing a wish to leave her current placement she is becoming less accepting of the (very appropriate) boundaries which have been put in place and has likened it to living in a “bird cage.” Given her mother’s views of the Local Authority plan, if there has been some indirect contact I find it very unlikely that Luci Da Costa has been able to refrain from making comments which would undermine the placement.
Krishna didn't want to return while I was still living at the old address as she was worried about Craig. Krishna is being held virtually under house arrest, although she is bright and intelligent, Social Services have sought constantly to keep her silent. She is in effect, living in a bird cage, under house arrest by the state. She is not allowed to communicate or see me as she wishes and has to adhere to many rules, moreso than a prisoner.
I believe this is all happening, because the Local Authority are continuing in their attempts to suppress the truth in order to pervert the course of justice. My daughter is vibrant, intelligent and capable and is perfectly able to addressing the court as to her needs. However, Social Services seem determined to promulgate false information in order to uphold their case against me. So far this report has been nothing but speculation.

KRISHNA has asked that her foster carers adhere to the same rules as she would have had at home. The only example she could give of this is that her mother would allow her to watch films with any certificate, as long as there was no sexual content. Krishna informs me that she likes to watch violent films and it was not a concern to Luci Da Costa if these also included bad language.
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KRISHNA is very aware of her mother’s emotional distress and her foster placement is providing her with a safe and stable home where all of her needs are being met.

How can anyone provide the love and care of a mother? How can you substitute me by strangers who don't share anything in common with Krishna.
KALINDI has been visibly distressed by her mother's behaviour and I would question the quality of her attachment to her mother, given Luci Da Costa’s unpredictable presentation.
Kalindi Of course KALINDI was distressed, for a start Social Services would abuse her and cause her distress, I suspect this was so that they could use that distress against me and also any baby would be distressed, if it was removed from its mother. Kalindi wanted to be with her mother, not with strangers, even professionals acknowledge that a baby knows the sound of its mother's and father's voice, even in the womb. So of course if a baby is removed it is going to be distressed.
As is the case for KRISHNA, her foster placement allows her to experience calm and reliable care from adults who are consistently, emotionally available to her.
Presumptive speculation, I have always endeavoured to provide calm and reliable care to KRISHNA, if I had not done this, how come she has done so well? She is a beautiful girl, has many friends, has a lot of activities, is well fed and nurtured, this is an arrogant and unfounded statement, which does not bear out with my daughter's abilities or life. I have always been emotionally available to my daughter as she herself will state.
But then I suspect that is what Social Services are really afraid of and why they have persistently tried to show Krishna as being either incapable, or lonely and immature.

Both foster carers are adhering to the dietary guidance given by Luci Da Costa.
Lie. - The carer of Kalindi refused to give Kalindi food that I would prepare for her. Krishna, while living with Kalindi, also told me that carer never used the pans I provided to cook for Kalindi.
Luci Da Costa is concerned that Kalindi in particular is not receiving sufficient nutrition, however her weight and health are being monitored via the health visitor, and this information will be shared with Luci regularly.
Lie - I have never informed about Kalindi's health, apart from the lie told to me in the public area of the courtroom 01/05/14.
Evidence Base:
2. In addition to the Local Authority documentation I have visited Krishna twice in placement, had discussions with her foster carers and Alison Dodds, social worker.
3. I have observed KaIindi's contact with each parent and had discussions with her foster carer.
Safe reunification
Permanent (Iona-term) fostering
Soeciai guardianship
Residential care
Evidence base:
4. Should Luci Da Costa receive a custodial sentence then she will not be able to care for either of her children for a period of time.
5. If she is able to address her current difficulties, the outcome of assessments are positive and there are clear indicators that within their timescales the children's needs would be met in her care, then reunification would be considered.

My only difficulty was that I would have been made homeless. However, I obtained a new house. Yet North Tyneside Social Services never once visited me in my new home, clearly demostrating that they are not interested in the welfare of my children, but only in the success of the court case and their promulgation of as much false information as they can, to top up on the three mistakes I made, firstly in my relationship and secondly when I left Kalindi with Krishna for a very short space of time, which as a result I ended up homeless. I needed help, not a pack of exaggerated and unfounded lies, which I can prove are indeed exaggerated and unfounded. br /> I have never used drugs, nor to I have any mental health problem, nor do I abuse alcohol. Krishna has been well brought up to respect people, she is honest and has never been in trouble with the police. There are no problems as regards her schooling and now I have a new home
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6. Luci Da Costa has proposed a number of alternative carers, at present there is little information available as to their appropriateness or relationship with the children. Should initial enquiries be positive then the Local Authority will need to undertake a more complete assessment, as to whether any of the individuals would be able to meet the children’s needs either in the short or long term.
Yes, I proposed 5 alternative carers, so why did the Social Worker, Alison Dodds say that I didn't? And Why have these people not been checked?
7. The Local Authority is not of a view that Mr and Mrs Robson would be able to care for Kalindi in the long term, they wish to challenge this and I understand another member of the paternal family has also expressed a wish to be considered as alternative carer for her.
The local authority has engaged in a thoroughly dishonest campaign against me as an individual and has also, I believe deliberately, totally ignored my new home and my new situation.
8. It is Craig Robson's position that Kalindi should be placed with his parents, rather than remain in foster care whilst the assessment process is on-going. Whilst there are many positives in the viability assessment undertaken by the Local Authority, there are issues which would require further exploration as to their ability to meet her needs in the long term. Kalindi would therefore face the possibility of being moved twice which, given that she is settled in her foster placement at present, would not be in her best interests. Contact between she and Mr and Mrs Robson has been agreed
North Tyneside Social Services would consider sending a baby to a family whose son has been imprisoned for drug abuse and is known to have violent tendencies, this does not say much for the local authority.
9. There will need to be careful consideration of the timetable for the child for Kalindi. It would be hoped that she can be cared for within the family however, if no one is identified as being able to meet her needs in the long term then, given her age adoption may be the most appropriate option. Should the assessment of either parent be positive then plans will need to balance her need for early identification of her permanent home, against the impact of being placed elsewhere for the duration of any custodial sentence.
Adoption? On what grounds? - The criteria has not been met, I have not starved, neglected, or abused my child. Neither has there been any mental or physical harm, neither has my baby been subject to any form of physical abuse or endangerment. To say that a baby who was left with a twelve year old on one occasion, has been subjected to child cruelty, as was stated in one of the reports, is completely and totally absurd. As is adoption.

children for profit

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My Statement of Truth

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In order to make decisions as to the most appropriate long term care option for the children assessments to ascertain the psychological profile and associated risks of each parent, impact of substance abuse and the children's individual needs will have to be undertaken. Whilst Parenting Assessments will provide some additional information, the most immediate issue appears to be Luci Da Costa’s increasingly unpredictable and volatile behaviour. Assessments of potential alternative carers for both or either child need to be progressed. The Robson family seek only to be considered as potential carers for Kalindi, and unless there is significant change in the strongly held views of Krishna, it would not appear to be in the best interests of either child to seek to place them together. The issue of immunizations will also need to be considered at some point by the court, as whilst Luci Da Costa is opposed to Kalindi having these, Craig Robson wants Kalindi to receive them.

Craig was as much against this as much as I was. He changed his mind just in order to succour the support of Social Services. I have explained above, why I opposed the immunizations.
The outcome of the criminal proceedings for both parents will impact on the timetable.
Evidence base:
10.The court is aware of the issues raised both in the papers and through the evidence that is being provided in respect of the Interim Care Order Application. 11.l note that the Local Authority has not been able to complete the tasks identified in the Child Protection Plan, and initial assessment sessions with Luci Da Costa have not been very successful as her presentation is currently an obstacle to any meaningful work. This will require robust management to ensure that there is no impact upon the timetable.
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Craig Robson has received a custodial sentence and is I believe due to spend 10 months in custody. His parents are now having regular contact with Kalindi and whilst I have not yet had the opportunity to observe this, no concerns have been raised as to their ability to meet Kalindi’s needs. There have been continued difficulties in the behaviour of Luci Da Costa and there is considerable evidence, that despite a very clear contract of expectations, she is in my view frequently both unable and unwilling to work with the Local Authority. Her behaviour appears to be having an increasingly detrimental impact on Krishna and is undermining the potentially therapeutic impact of being in a safe and stable placement.

This is part fallacious, my visits with Krishna had always been positive, apart when I had to visit Kalindi at the same time. Kalindi would cry extensively from wanting to be with me and I also believe that Social Services caused distress deliberately, by keeping back her toy, therefore they would distress Kalindi before I went to see her, in order to cause me distress. There is no doubt that Social Services have produced statements which have been untrue, therefore there is no reason to disbelieve that they would also do something like this in order to make their case against me.
Luci Da Costa has made further verbal threats to shoot and stab professionals. The court had directed that despite Krishna’s expressed views, that there should be direct contact between her and her mother, supervised by the Local Authority. I observed contact on 9"‘ January. Luci Da Costa failed to adhere to the contract of expectations throughout the session and despite being given clear guidance as to appropriate topics, continued to make concerning comments. Whilst there was some positive interaction between the two this observed for only a very small part of the session which was slightly over an hour in duration.
Krishna never wanted our contact to be supervised. The contract of expectation is not ordered by the judge, nor was it sent to my solicitor for approval and of course Krishna wanted to talk about the court hearing, she is an intelligent 12 year old, what 12 year old would not want to talk about something which is about to affect her life.
Luci Da Costa encouraged Krishna to refer to her foster carers as “ slaves” who must do everything for her & told her that they were trying to “take over her mind”
That is a lie and yet another misrepresented statement. One day I talked to Krishna and she said she needs things. I told her that her carer should provide her with whatever she needs. Then Krishna joked saying, that they are her slaves and I said yes, but actually they get paid £440 per week, so they have money to buy her whatever she wants.
However I did advise her to be careful, as it is my opinion that through the advice of Social Services, they will try to control her mind and make her do things that she doesn't want. I clearly told Krishna to not adhere and not to do what she doesnt want to, like she was made to go to watch a footbal match, what she neither wanted to do nor enjoyed. I might remind the court, that I am legally entitled to express my opinion as the Social Workers have an expression to theirs. Only my recourse, when I express an opinion, is to tell the truth.
Article 10 of the Human Right's Act. Freedom of expression
"1Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises."

0 She told Krishna that the Local Authority had “lied” when it had been reported that Krishna only wanted to see her once a week. She told Krishna that she must tell the Local Authority that she wanted contact three times per week and that Kalindi must be there “because you (Krishna) like her”
Do we teach our children not to tell the truth? I have evidence that Social Services lied and all I did was request, not "tell" that she wanted contact three times a week and why not, she is my daughter after all.
o Luci Da Costa, although being asked not to, took a call from her solicitor informing her of Craig Robson’s sentence. Both appeared to be delighted andLuci Da Costa then began to talk about male rape, and informed the male supervisor that he would be repeatedly raped in prison because he is of slight build
That is a lie and Craig is 6.3" and not slightly built. As for both, who is the both?
0 I suggested that Luci Da Costa talk to Krishna as she would at home, her immediate response was "if we were at home we would be on the internet looking at people who would help her to get the children back.”
Is this statement recorded, if so then please present it to the court, however even if it were recorded, you could not as this is yet another manufactured statement. This is not the response I gave for this question. What I said was that there wasn't any piano so Krishna couldn't play for me to listen to, Krishna plays the keyboard and I enjoy listening to her.
o Luci Da Costa talked about the court process and how she was sick of it all and informed Krishna that it would “all be over on 28"” When I advised her that contact was for her to spend some equality time with Krishna her response was that it was important that Krishna know that the Local Authority wanted to take her away for ever, and make her have her immunizations.
How on Earth can I and Krishna have any quality contact in a small room, under supervision, neither prisoners nor those who have had breakdowns are treated like this. Even they have a little right to privacy. Obviously my daughter wants to talk about the court process and what is more it is her right to do so. Once again Human Right, Article 10: Freedom of expression, is being violated.
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without inference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

o Luci Da Costa informed Krishna that her carers had “no right "to take her out on her birthday and that it was their fault that she had been arrested. She then went on to describe in detail her “ordeal” of being in custody for 16 hours
Yes, indeed, it was planned that I would see Krishna on her birthday, yet I went to the contact and Krishna was not there. I went to the foster care and they called the police. This was another deliberate and wilfull act by North Tyneside Social Services to cause me upset and distress. What mother would not want to see her daughter on her birthday and why was Krishna not there? - I did not mind the ordeal, it was worth it to see my daughter on her birthday.
0 Although she is aware that Krishna is not allowed to have a mobile phone sheprovided detailed instructions as to how she could get her phone mended o Luci Da Costa asked Krishna if she still had the map to her house and then went on to give her detailed directions.
If Social Services had offered as they said they had offered, some telephone communication with my daughter, there would have been no need for me to have done this. Yet Social Services abuse my visits, they dictate to me what I can and cannot say and then they even have the audacity to lie about my responses. Article 8: Right to privacy
Everyone has the right for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.
There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

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o Luci Da Costa and Krishna then began discussing violent films that they hadwatched together. Krishna reported that she had really enjoyed Kill Bill, when the supervisor pointed out that this has an 18 certificate, Krishna laughed and said ‘‘I am 18" o Luci Da Costa then talked at length of another film that she had seen and how there were a number of “beautiful deaths” in it.

If my daughter is returned to me, I will no longer allow her to watch these movies, however, we both enjoy Martial Arts and my daughter's favourite Actors are Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.
0 Towards the end of the session Luci Da Costa stated that she felt unwell and told us that this was because of the medication that she is “ forced to take to control her mind"
I had to take some prescription drugs just to be able to talk to these people, because then I was less likely to say anything which could be misinterpreted or used as an emotional weapon. I might remind the court, that there is nothing illegal about taking prescribed medications. However, if I did not take them I would become physically ill. Laura, once again, clearly fails to see the total lack of compassion and humanity she displays as well as a complete lack of understanding of what it means to have children taken away.
Throughout the session Krishna looked uncomfortable, sitting on the edge of the sofa. There was no flow of conversation between them and a number of long silences. noted at the end of the session that Krishna went off happily with her foster carer and I observed her to be laughing and chatting happily with him.
Laura, you obeserved 15min of a one hour conatact with Krishna. With that you were capable to give a long written/ verbal dialogue of how horrible the contact had been, to the judge. Besides, you had enjoyed the talking and had even participated in it. Krishna was playing on her mobile and we would watch her game, that is why sometimes we wouldn't talk and you knowt that, because I would show you and the Social Worker who was supervising, the game which Krishna was playing on her mobile and you were also told what the game was about, and how much we would laugh about it.
Why do you twist and distort events and present them as fabrication to a court, I might remind you that is falsifying statements.

Krishna was seen by myself and Claire Hunter on 20"‘ January at school, she was supported by Mrs Peacock her mentor.
o Krishna informed that the current difficulties are because her mother is "going a bit mad at the moment.”
o She does not want to see her mother more than once a week, and would like this to be in a public place, not a small room. Seeing her at Kung Fu is “OK".She does not want contact with Kalindi, whom she referred to as a vampire, to be progressed. She had not enjoyed joint contact as she felt that her mother had been completely focussed on her baby sister. 0 Krishna reported that it had been noisy when she had lived at home because of the baby, and that she had frequently had to look after Krishna which she had not liked.

First part is untrue, Krishna had and does want to see me, secondly vampire? I would to hear Krishna's version of events in relation to this and yes I was focussed on the baby, because when they first took Kalindi she was still breastfeeding. In the last paragraph, Krishna appears to be looking after Krishna?
o Krishna's first choice would be to return home. lf this is not possible she wantsto consider a change of placement but indicated that this could be explored after the next hearing i.e. was not urgent. She feels that her current carers by encouraging her to join in activities outside of the house are putting her under pressure. They are however “OK" people” but she continues to struggle with the rules, many of which Krishna is aware are in place because of the concerns about her mother.
Which are? Oh no doubt yet more dysfunctional statements made up to make me appear as some sort of dysfunctional parent, procured from the mind of an even more dysfunctional Local Authority.
0 If she were to return home she would like Craig Robson to be spied on and is of the view that her mother would accept the Local Authority “spying on them.”It was clear from our discussion that Krishna has no understanding of the potential risks of internet chat rooms and views the “rules” that are in place around mobile phone and Facebook usage as very restrictive.
Krishna knows the rules well, she even had showed me a video that her previous school had given her about online safety, it would be rather nice Laura if you started to treat my daughter as if she were sensible.
Krishna sees her mentor, Catherine Peacock on a daily basis and this does appear to e a very positive support. Catherine Peacock has observed some concerning behaviours by Krishna which in my view suggest that she is finding the situation increasingly stressful. For example she has attempted to self-harm, has drawn a picture of someone being beheaded in her school planner and appears to be very isolated.
Laura, you were supposed to care for children. Here is a very clear description of a child being abused and yet, you support it.
The school are monitoring Krishna's email account and area aware that Luci DaCosta continues to try to involve her in illicit communications I indicated in my initial report that I had observed Krishna to be less settled in placement on m second visit and, havin observed her with her carers, I am of the view that Krishna is in a very difficult position. Her mother is actively attempting to undermine the placement and has repeatedly tried to involve Krishna in breaching the current restrictions on communication between them. It is very concerning that Luci Da Costa has made further threats against professionals, in the absence of a full understanding of her current emotional difficulties and psychological, make up it is not possible to accurately evaluate the risk of her acting on the threats that she has made.
I have no mental health problems, although Social Services seem to be constantly attempting to insuate that I have. As regards the threats, I apologise for any previous threats, however, in turn the professionals have also told a vast amount of lies against myself.
Hairstrand testing has been completed on Craig Robson which suggests that he has continued to used cannabis beyond the date at which he informed the Local Authority that he had stopped smoking it. He disputes these results and is if the view that the test was positive as he has been in the proximity of others who have used cannabis. Luci Da Costa received a suspended sentence in relation to her involvement with the production of cannabis and is subject to weekly supervision by the probation service.

No one ever requested me to have the test done on myself, which proves as I have said many times that I have never been a Cannabis user. Indeed, no one ever considered me a drug user and the judge did not send me to jail, as he understood I was not enterely guilty of this offense, rather forced to in this situation.
Dr Stephanie Hill undertook a forensic psychological assessment of both parents. This concluded that Luci Da Costa does not have either mental health problems or a personality disorder. Luci Da Costa has very strongly held beliefs and is not able to accept or appreciate the views of others if they differ from her own.
Craig Robson was viewed as not presenting a direct risk to Kalindi if she were in his care however, there were concerns relating to his possible resumption of cannabis usage and poor decision making at times, for example not recognizing when a relationship was “unhealthy.” At the time of the assessment Craig Robson was in a relationship, and Dr Hill hoped that the dynamics of this could be explored as she was not of the view that there was evidence of Craig Robson being manipulative in relationships, or that he presented a risk of domestic violence.
The Local Authority has provided an Addendum Parenting Assessment of Luci Da Costa having considered the outcome of the psychological assessment and remains of the view that neither Krishna nor Kalindi could be safely returned to the care of their mother.

the psychologist Dr Stephane Hill stated "using this formal classificatory system, Ms Da Costa DOES NOT demonstrate problems with mental illness." Any further statements relating to my mental health capacity will be deemed as libel, because there is no basis for them.
The Local Authority has ruled out Mr and Mrs Robson, paternal grandparents as long term carers. They were asked to consider whether or not Kalindi’s needs could be met by Craig Robson with the ongoing support of his parents. The outcome of this assessment was negative. The concerns identified being around the potential of Craig reoffending and or resuming cannabis usage, anxieties as to the dynamics of the relationships between Mr and Mrs Robson and their differing views as to the potential risks to the placement posed by both Craig Robson and Luci Da Costa. At the time of the addendum the assessment being completed Craig Robson was in a relationship, and viewed his partner as a source of support, in his latest statement Craig Robson reports that he has ended his relationship on 24"‘ April. The timing of which does appear to relate the possible issues that his involvement in her life might have in an ongoing private law matter. He reports that he wishes to care for Kalindi in the longer term although would accept some “initial oversight from his parents."
After a period of relative calm the quality of contact between the girls and Luci Da Costa deteriorated markedly with her again issuing threats against professionals and spitting in a senior social workers face. The Local Authority suspended direct contact and made a Section 34.4. Application which has not yet been heard by the court.
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There is no evidence that either Krishna or Kalindi has been adversely affected by the suspension of contact, indeed it appears to have had a positive effect on Kalindi.

Yes, Kalindi by not come to see me, she doesn't have to travel 40 miles, at time she supposed to go to bed or have lunch and also Social Services have not had the opportunity to upset Kalindi before contact.
Mr and Mrs Crotty paternal great aunt and uncle are currently being assessed as potential adopters by North Tyneside. They wish to pursue adoption, rather than a Special Guardianship Order as they do not support any direct contact between Kalindi and her parents.
In their report, the Crottys accept Craig to have some contact with Kalindi, but not me. They went as far to said that I am mentaly incapable to care for Kalindi, besides she had never met me, nor is there any evidence of mental health problems.
The Crottys maintain a high level of contact with Mr and Mrs Robson, and although they live some distance away visit the north east at least three times per year spend time with the Robsons.
The Local Authority proposes that Krishna remain in a long term foster placement and has monthly direct contact with Luci da Costa. I have met with Krishna on a number of occasions most recently on 29"‘ April.
It would be Krishna’s preferred plan to return to her mother’s care and she “wouldn’t mind" if Kalindi were there too. If this is not agreed then Krishna has provided a very detailed plan as to what she would require of a long term placement. Krishna’s main priorities are to be placed with a female carer, where there are other young people of a similar age. Krishna is very settled in her current school and has benefited from the high level of support that she has received there. Not having to move school is very important to Krishna. She has consistently declined contact with Kalindi, and is indifferent to any proposed indirect contact. 1 The Local Authority is of the view that, even with the support of his parents, Kalindi’s needs cannot be met by Craig Robson and they propose that permanency be sought by adoption. Mr and Mrs Robson would be happy to support both Craig and Kalindi in the long term and would be in agreement to them both living at their home. Mrs Robson was unsure if Craig Robson would accept their guidance/ being viewed as additional parents.
In discussion they both expressed confidence that Craig Robson will refrain from cannabis usage, if however they became aware that he had relapsed they would alert the authorities and “disown” him. This action would be intended to safeguard Kalindi but would effectively mean that they were sole carers.
Mr and Mrs Robson would be opposed to any direct contact between Luci Da Costa and Kalindi. They inform that Luci Da Costa is aware of their address and has previously attempted to find their house. It is the view of Mr and Mrs Robson that they would obtain any necessary legal orders to prevent Luci Da Costa from disrupting the placement. In discussion they were in my view able to reflect on the lack of effect that the current orders and contract of expectations have had in modifying Luci Da Costa’s behaviour and therefore her ability to adhere to any orders must be questioned. It is the view of Mr and Mrs Robson that Luci Da Costa, should Krishna and Kalindi not be returned to her care, will either return to Brazil or his likely to breach the terms of her suspended sentence and receive a custodial sentence.
Whilst either option would prevent her from undermining the placement neither can be guaranteed, nor could be regarded as a permanent solution.
In discussion as to the impact of Kalindi being adopted by Mr and Mrs Crotty they felt that Kalindi would be able to understand the complications of her great aunt being her mother, although they were uncertain as to how Craig Robson would accept this. Mr Robson stated that they would tell Kalindi when she was old enough and cited an example of their elder son, informing his partner’s daughter at the age of 16 that he was not her biological father.
FollowinG a hearing before the Hi h Court it has been a reed that Kalindi can now be page 13 of 17
given her routine immunizations. There are some concerns as to her Vitamin D levels and it has been recommended that blood tests be carried out, at the time of writing it is not clear what the views of Kalindi’s parents are in relation to this. RECOMMENDATIONS
There is no evidence that Luci Da Costa can consistently modify her behaviour, she continues to behave in a challenging manner which is at best inappropriate and at others frightening to others, particularly Kalindi.
I am unable to support a plan which would involve either Krishna or Kalindi being returned to their mother’s care and would recommend that Care Orders are made in respect of both children.

Laura, how can you portrait me in a such horrible light, against all the other professionals?
Whilst it is Krishna’s expressed wish that she return to her mother's care, there is no evidence that she would be distressed by the suggested Care Plan, and indeed she is able to talk positively about the care and support that she has received both in her current placement, and when in respite.
Krishna has not raised any concerns as to the suspension of contact and appreciates that the proposal that there be monthly direct contact would be subject to review, and her mother’s ability to ensure that contact is a positive experience. Krishna, whilst often presenting as older than her chronological age, is in my view more vulnerable than most young people of her age and is likely to require consistent and sensitive support in the long term, particularly as she begins to develop he own views of the world, which may not be consistent with those of her mother.

Quite the opposit, the older Krishna gets, more she has my views. As she is understanding better the world, it makes her to appreciate me and my views even more. She is not an ordinary teenage that has to rebel against their parents to find out their path of life. Quite the opposit, Krishna is a saint, not an ordinary child. Her understanding of life and God is unthinkinble even for ordinaries adults.
The requirements that Krishna has of her long term placement are not unrealistic and it is my view that as long as the majority of these are met, she will engage fully in a safe and secure environment which enables her to meet her considerable potential.
I would therefore endorse the Local Authority's Care Plan in relation to Krishna in its entirety.
The Local Authority proposes that Kalindi be placed for adoption outside of the family, having indirect contact only with her parents, half-sister and paternal grandparents.
Kalindi has a father and grandparents who love her and would wish for her to remain in the family.

A father love's is beautiful. A father that loves his child will endevour to provide and protect the child. Craig done none of this. Never cooked for Kalindi. He would let her cry all night instead of allow me to breastfeed her. He kidnapped her, instead of looking after her. He called the SS to have her removed from me, besides I never denied him access to Kalindi.
Mr and Mrs Robson have the practical skills to care for Kalindi and the fact that there has been ongoing unsupervised contact reflects the Local Authority's view that they do not present a risk to Kalindi.
Very interesting. I am a monster due to false allegation about me by Craig, but the allegation that I done about his father were never investigate... that Craig told me his father is a pedhophile and his costumer (would buy cannabis from Craig).
They are willing and view themselves as being able to support Craig Robson in his care of Kalindi, however what remains untested is the ability of Craig Robson to accept their intervention and whilst there is currently no evidence of cannabis use, he is an artificial environment, away from his usual friends.
In the screening assessment I note that Mrs Robson was of the view that Craig Robson would not be able to parent Kalindi on his own and that on-going support would be required. Craig Robson does not appear to regard their long term involvement as being necessary.

Even his parents recognise it. Craig is incapable of care for Kalindi as much he can't care for him self, had been in prison twice. In the Addendum Parenting Assessment Craig Robson states that a protective factor against drug use is that he now associates with his partner's friends. Given that this relationship has now ended, he may well socialise with his previous Page 14 of 17 acquaintances. The court has not yet given a view regarding his dispute of the findings of the hair-strand testing, however if it is determined that the results are accurate this would undermine confidence in his ability to be honest about his cannabis use.
Whilst Mr and Mrs Robson are physically well at present, both have long term health issues, which could in the longer term have very significant implications for their ability to meet Kalindi’s physical needs. This was considered within the screening assessment completed in November 2013, particularly in regard to their ages relative to Kalindi’s. Whilst I appreciate that they wish to support their son I am concerned that they are overly optimistic as to his abilities to work with them and refrain from cannabis usage in the long term. Mr and Mrs Robson have indicated that were Kalindi to be placed with them they would be opposed to any contact between she and Luci Da Costa.
The Local Authority has expressed concerns as to the nature of Craig Robson's relationships and whilst these views were not shared by Dr Stephanie Hill, there do remain in my view question marks as to his decision making. He was not initially open with the Local Authority about having a new partner who then appears to have been regarded by him as someone who would have a significant role in Kalindi’s life, there has been no assessment undertaken regarding the appropriateness of this.
This relationship has very suddenly ended which does not instil confidence that this relationship was as stable as Craig Robson may have indicated. For example on on 2”“ April he informed the Local Authority that he intended to move in with his partner (unbeknownst to his parents) but by 24"‘ April he informs that the relationship has now ended.
Placing Kalindi with Mr and Mrs Robson and Craig Robson would allow Kalindi to retain links to her paternal family, however, given their views and the practical difficulties, particularly if the Local Authority was no longer involved, it is very likely that contact between she and her mother would cease. Luci Da Costa is very negative in her views of the Robson family, particularly Craig Robson. She has at times behaved in an unpredictable and threatening manner, given that she has now approached the placements of birth Krishna and Kalindi there is in my view a very real risk that she would disrupt the placement of Kalindi with her paternal family. Whilst orders could be made and panic alarms etc. fitted the ability of these measures to protect Kalindi from her mother's inappropriate behaviour and incidents directed at her paternal family is extremely questionable. Whilst Mr and Mrs Robson are hopeful that Luci Da Costa will move away at the end of these proceedings this is not guaranteed and the issue of contact between she and Kalindi, in whatever form is agreed, is something that they would be tasked with managing for the rest of her minority. (?)
The assessment of Mr and Mrs Crotty as potential adopters is I understand well undenivay. It is not yet clear when this process will be completed by and, should they be positively assessed, what weight would be given to their being part of Kalindi’s wider family in the matching process. It would be the Local Authority's view that there hould only be indirect post box contact, which would appear to contradict the benefit to Kalindi of remaining within the family.
Mr and Mrs Robson, in discussion, would expect that the Crottys would continue to visit the area, bringing Kalindi with them and it would be usual for Craig Robson to be involved in some family celebrations. Clearly for Kalindi the family dynamics would be Page 15 of 17
extremely complicated, with her great aunt and uncle becoming her parents, her grandmother her aunt etc.

Laura and Claire Hunter, I bet you are all enjoying this nonsense very much.
The possibility of a Special Guardianship Order has been discussed with the Crottys which would be more consistent with the benefit of a family placement, however adoption is the only option that they wish to consider. They live some distance away which would significantly reduce the risks of Luci Da Costa disrupting the placement.
There are no concerns as to the contact between Kalindi and her paternal grandparents and there have been positive interactions observed between she and her father.
There is no doubt that Luci Da Costa loves Kalindi, however whilst there have been some positive contacts, this has not been consistent and Kalindi is evidencing increased distress at her mother's behaviour. This has now resolved since contact was suspended.
Placing Kalindi for adoption outside of the family would ensure that she is not exposed to the damaging
behaviour of her mother and as any communication between the birth and adoptive family would be managed by the Local Authority, there would be little risk of Luci Da Costa being able to disrupt/undermine the placement. Kalindi has experienced a number of changes within her life and requires that her next move has the highest chance of bringing her the stability and security that she requires. Kalindi has no additional health or developmental needs and is young enough to form as secure attachments as a non-adopted child. Whilst supports can be made available to Mr and Mrs Robson, I would share the Local Authority’s concerns as to the longevity of any such arrangement and the difficulties in managing the potential risks do appear to significantly undermine the benefits of being placed within the family. Craig Robson does not appear to appreciate that long term support may be required and it is in my view likely that once the oversight of the Local Authority were withdrawn, he would regard himself as being able to care for Kalindi on his own and no longer accept the advice/input from his parents.
Luci Da Costa has I am informed recently changed solicitors, she has not provided a statement however, it would be my understanding that she would be opposed to the Local Authority's plans for both Kalindi and Krishna. The Local Authority has recently attempted to re-introduce contact with Krishna, however this was again suspended after 10 minutes as Luci Da Costa continued to discuss the court case etc. Krishna was not distressed by this, but is clear that when she does see her mother she would like this to be an enjoyable experience, rather than her mother being so focussed on the actions of Children’s Services.
Kalindi is reported to have been much more settled since the suspension of contact between she and her mother. The impact of potentially reintroducing contact at a weekly level and then reducing to monthly before, should the court endorse the Local Authority plan, suspending it again needs to be carefully considered. Whilst the Local Authority has always sought to promote contact there needs to be evidence that starting contact to stop it again is in Kalindi’s best interests. The Local Authority has not yet filed an application for a Placement Order which may provide further information in relation to the Crotty's application to be named adopters for Kalindi.
I have very carefully considered the implications for Kalindi of being placed with her grandparents and her father and as indicated above I am concerned that the identified risks cannot be managed. The 0 tion of Kalindi being laced with the page 16 of 17 Crotty’-s is not without issue.
On the information that is currently available it would appear that adoption outside of the family is the only way of ensuring that Kalindi is able to grow up safely in a family of her own. without the risk of disruption or on-going Local Authority intervention.
Name: Laura Grundy
Cafcass Role: Family Court Advisor
Date: 30"‘ April 2014
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