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The Applicant Miss Krishna da Costa supports the application of her mother, Luci da Costa, to Discharge the SGO, dated 13th January 2015.

Foster care life was the start of our journey to Hell.

Forceful separation is particularly damaging, explains clinical psychologist Mia Smith-Bynum, a professor of family science at the University of Maryland.

1.  What did my sister and I gain by being forcefully and unlawfully taken away from our mum? We felt tremendous anger, we felt depression. I felt betrayed and lost, and my sister was deeply distressed.
Social services caused extreme emotional pain to me, to Kalindi and to our mum. This separation led me self-harm and contemplate suicide, and made me extremely angry. These were all things I had never experienced before the removal. Kalindi became hysterical for one month, constantly crying before, during and after contact with our mum. How could any human tolerate such distress in a young innocent child?

The Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 37

(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time.

We were cheated, betrayed, and subjected to continuous emotional abuse.

2.  My mum and I were cheated by the social workers Alison Dodds and Victoria Manser. They told me and to my mum they would return me and my sister Kalindi to her as soon as my mother found a new flat. My mum did that within 2 weeks, yet they didn't return us to our mum. They never visited the new accommodation, instead they hurried to court, with loads of lies about my mum. But the old saying applies here - "The truth is still the truth, even if no one believes it. A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it". North Tyneside social workers and two Cafcass Guardians have made many dishonest statements about us in order to keep me and my sister Kalindi away from our mother's care and away from each other.

3.  What type of professionalism is that? Why can they be allowed to tell so many lies in order to take children from their parent? I found out the independent social worker, Mrs Selwood , who was appointed to assess me and my mum, was not independent at all, as was clear from her writing. After a brief description of her few visits to my mother’s house, she then padded out the rest of her long report by simply repeating what other social workers – her former colleagues, had said about my mum. Why is this allowed in the Family court?

4.  Every time my mum came to see me, for a supervised visit, she was bullied by the supervising social workers. Sometimes she was able to bear it, but often it became too hard to bear. She was suffering grief and PTSD, and in the end she had to stop visiting me, as the whole situation was too traumatic for her. She asked me to go and visit her instead, which I have been doing since then.

5.  All those who insist that my mum should learn to "work with professionals" need to visit Specsavers. How can you work with people who constantly ignore or bully you, and write lies about you to justify their own mistakes? My mum and I have had enough. Every time my mum came to visit me, they would say emotionally hurtful things, as they were trying to make her to react, and sometimes it worked, my mum would cry or say something rude to them, which they would then use as more “evidence” for her bad and violent personality. Even if a contact visit went well, they were still able to twist things around to make it negative. It has been always a no win situation for us.

6.  I am relating all this because I want to make it clear that my mum is not the half-crazed, violent, irresponsible person that she has been portrayed. She is very intelligent. We always had a close bond . We are friends, we talk like friends. I am not brainwashed by my mum as the guardian Vanessa Bell and social workers wrote in their reports. The social workers and other professionals don't understand the relationship I have with my mum because they come from a very different background. They can't seem to see and appreciate how lovely she is, and that it was a mistake to remove my sister from her care, as a baby, and send her to live with a family of criminals.

On the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 3

1. In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.

7.  Since when causing us so much suffering is our best interest? We were forced to live with strangers, eat their cooking and become anaemic! I wonder how the social workers, judges and lawyers would feel if they were kidnapped and sent to live in Timbuktu. That’s what it feels like to us.

8.  Where is the evidence my mother ever abused me or Kalindi? It is all pure fiction. My mother has never harmed, hurt or otherwise abused me or my sister Kalindi, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, and to claim that such abuse occurred is dishonest. There is no evidence to suggest this. All she has ever done is care for me and my sister to the best of her ability, and did that very well, while we were with her.

9.  It is therefore my wish for Kalindi to return to the care of our mother. We have our family in Brazil and we have right to visit them. We should be allowed to have access to our culture, and our identity.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 8

1. States Parties undertake to respect the right of the child to preserve his or her identity, including nationality, name and family relations as recognised by law without unlawful interference. 2. Where a child is illegally deprived of some or all of the elements of his or her identity, States Parties shall provide appropriate assistance and protection, with a view to re-establishing speedily his or her identity.

The Robson's Family

10.          It is a fact that Craig Robson pushed me and kicked me down the stairs. I recall that he would sleep a lot during the day, get mad for no reason, and often act in a paranoid way. I don't trust him to be near my sister, neither do I trust his parents to look after her. Why? because the grandparents never bothered with her when she was with us, either before or after she was born. They were not in the least interested. But all of a sudden, Craig’s mother wanted to care for Kalindi?

11.  I will be living with my mum from December 2019, as soon as I turn 18. I can help my mum look after Kalindi. I can help cook and feed her, give her a bath and take her to school, do the shopping, etc. We will play games together and I will teach her piano and how to draw. I look forward to having a sister again, and doing all those things with her. There is no factual or lawful reason why Kalindi should not be back with me and our mum where she belongs.

The facts in this statement are true.


Rebecca Anderson
Head of Children, Young People and Learning
First Floor, Quadrant West
Cobalt Business Park
NE27 0BY

Formal Complaint n.01 to North Tyneside Social Services.

Dear sir, I wish to raise a formal complaint against North Tyneside Social services, as I am now applying to court dismiss the care order made against me.

The reason for my complaint is I wish to know why North Tyneside Social services made false allegations against my mother, in order to have me placed into care?

These false allegations included, that I had been harmed. My mother has never harmed me, that I was at risk of being subject to future harm, when I was not, along with other allegations. My mother has never abused nor harmed me.

I went to a solicitors recently, who told me my mother had mental health issues, she has not. I was also made subject to meeting where a social worker said bad things about my mother, in doing so, subjected me to emotional abuse. My mother is not a bad person and it is very wrong to lie about her in such a way.

North Tyneside social services removed me from my mother's care, using false allegations to so, and as result have subjected me to emotional abuse, I want to know why?

I expect my wishes to be respected in that I want to be returned to my mother's care and that the lies you have made against my mother stop.

Thank You

Krishna da Costa
cc to SS, HCPC, MP, etc on 28-29/ Aug 2018

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About me

i, my name is KRISHNA. I like the performing art very much. I pay a lot attention in my acting classes. I learn the lines for the auditions and performance by practicing for hours at home. Acting is part of my life. Everyday when I talk to my mum I make little improvisations, or mimes to caracature the things she is talking about, for fun. I wish I could work in an adventure movie, where I would fight Kung fu like Jackie Chan does or fantasy, like Charmed.
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During the first hearing , January 2014, KRISHNA's solicitor stated in court that my daughter did not know what she wanted for her life, because of that statement, the judge denied my daughter her legal right to speak in court. Indeed it was not until the final hearing, in August 2014 that the judge went to speak to my daughter.
The new judge, Hudson, asked my daughter what she wanted most in her life. My daughter replied to come home and be with me. The judge then said, if that was not possible, what is the second thing that she most wanted in her life, my daughter replied that she did not want anything else but to come home and that she wished that the court case was over.
On the day of judgement, 22nd August 2014, the judge informed us, that my daughter was only repeating what I had said, as if she thought I had transplanted the idea into my daughter's mind, or had some influence over her, other than that of a mother. Or perhaps she saw my daughter as a mindless Parrot, who is trained to repeat words, however my daughter is none of these, she is a bright intelligent 12 year old girl who is far too independent to have words put into her mouth. But I suppose the judge had to find some excuse to justify the actions of my Local Authority.
I am of no doubt that both the judge and the judgement was biased, however, there is nothing anyone can do in a court which is so heavily prejudiced and biased against the plaintiff as the UK family courts are. Indeed in many cases like mine, parents are nothing more than victims of the miscarriage of justice, perpotrated by these pseudo legal entities.
Also with the help from Pat, Social Services would bring in a keyboard each time I would see my 12 year old, so she could could play some music and show me what she had learned in her piano class. My daughter is very talented, she not only takes part in Kung Fu, but also does drama and keyboard. She can listen to music on YouTube and then reproduce it on the keyboard, without notes. Yet this is a child a solicitor said, does not know what she wants for her life. These people are fantasists, liars and frauds. My daughter knows what she wants, she is intelligent, articulate and capable. Rather than me, it is the family court system which is seriously flawed.

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