INITIAL CHILD PROTECTION CONFERENCE - 07 November 2013 my paper 22
5.11 Krishna had reported that there was an occasion when she was made to dress up in fancy dress clothing and dance for her mother's friend over the internet via webcam.
I would take many pictutes of Krishna and like all children she used to love to dress up, however this refers to camera pictures as provided in evidence to the court, this feels like some very nasty and malicious insinuation, which quite simply is untrue as I did not have a webcam at the time
Child Protection Intitial Conference, page 2, (reported repetition)Gateshead Children's Service:
Krishna reported to staff that her mother had asked her to put on fancy dress clothes and had been filmed on a webcam for friends of her mother.
Alison Dodds wrote: (...) Krishna reported that her mother made her dress up in fancy dress and dance in front of a video camera for her friends.
Here Alison Dodds changed the words of the Gateteshead Children Service, who also got their facts wrong in relation to this as I will endeavour to prove to the court. Krishna doesn't know how to dance and we didn't have a video camera at that time.
page 2-3. Krishna reported to staff that her mother had asked her to put on fancy dress clothes and had been fimed on a webcam for friends of her mother. (...)

Again i did not have a webcam, this was a camera and yes Krishna liked to dress up and have her photograph taken, I have hundreds of pictures of my daughter dressing up, which will be provided in evidence.

5.12 (...) Krishna has shared her modelling pictures on Facebook. This has raised concern that Ms Da Costa is possibly sexually exploiting Krishna.
Krishna has taken professional photo shoot for modeling work, she joined the Spot Light and has a website for the purpose of work, - not sex and of course my daughter shares her photographs, perhaps the Social Worker who wrote this would care to number all the other number of young people who have shared their photographs are they going to be made subject of a care order too? There is nothing wrong with the photographs my daughter has taken. What absolute rubbish.
Give the character statement of Paul, Paula and Peter.

5.37 (Mr Flynn, Head of the Year) There is no concern in relation to Krishna's academic ability. Krishna was described as bright and talented. Outside of school Krishna is involved in activities including Kung fu and music lessons.
Then how come her solicitor said, in court, that is is immature and incapable to know what she wants for her life? This is yet another fabrication on behalf of North Tyneside Social Services.
5.54 Ms Pearson added that, as the heath Visiting Team has been visiting the home on a daily baisis (...) they have observed Krisna's friend from a different school visiting the home on a regular basis.
5.30 Mrs Dodds described Krishna as sad and isolated. Krishna finds it difficult to make friends and her social interactions are very limited.
Another malicious and untrue statement made by the same Social Worker.
page 19-23 of Legal: (Comment upon the consideration of PLO Outline Progress, legal application to Court or any action already taken to safeguard the child/young person) page 17 of 23 -
While it is reported that Krishna has friendship within school these do not appear to extend to outside of these times. (...)
Mrs Dodds has contracdicted Ms Pearson, on several occasions, yet Ms Pearson was visiting me daily.
Birth Family: Parental Capacity, Assessors Comments

7 of 23. Craig reported that Krishna did not speak until she was aged 6 (...) and required intervention from speech and language therapy.(...) on the
CHILD PROTECTION INITIAL CONFERENCE 07/11/13 my papers 25 page 12)
Craig said that Birmingham Social Service said that Krishna didn't speak till the age of 6.

Craig met me in November 2011, my daughter Krishna was already 10 years old. There is no way he could have known how young my daughter was when she began to talk. Consulting the Health Service and first school in Birmingham will disprove this allegation.

Get report from her school in Birmingham stating that she was talking by the age of 4, without any difficulty.
(This report repeats here: CHILD PROTECTION INITIAL CONFERENCE 07/11/13 my papers 25 )
(...) This could potentially place the children at risk from harm and highlights concerns regarding Luci's decision making and prioritisation of the children's needs.

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Risk from harm, based on the false allegations from my ex partner?
Krishna informed Debbie Smith that Craig had pushed her down the stairs and her friend witnessed this.
Why does no one seem to accept that Craig was a violent man and that both me and my children needed protection?
Krishna has told me that she has a number of friends from school. She does see them at weekends and Luci allows them into her home also. (...) Information from school is that Krishna is a sociable girl who is popular with her peer group. School has no concerns regarding her abilities to socialise and maintain her friendship groups. (...)
This is a complete contradiction to that which Mrs Dodds insinuated on my paper 22: 5.30 where Mrs Dodds described Krishna as sad and isolated and that Krishna finds it difficult to make friends and her social interactions are very limited.
Alison Dodds again said here that page

"Krishna does appear to be socially quite isolated and has reported having difficulties in making friendship"
Unfounded and untrue allegation, my daugher has many friends and if given the opportunity she will tell the court herself.
INITIAL ASSESSMENT 13/08/13 by Joanna Dean social worker my papers 14
page 6. (...) Krishna has a close relationshop with her mother and they do share similar views.(...)
This statement was made by my first social worker, Joana Dean. Then Krishna's solicitor said in court, on 31/01/14, that my child doesn't like me.

The Royal Victoria Infirmary 6/8/2012
(note, Kalindi was born in 3/8/2012)
my papers 11
page 7. During my visit Krishna presented as a confident young girl.(...)
page 8. Krishna is independent of her own self care skills. No concern have been raised in relation to Krishna's presentation. CHILD PROTECTION INITIAL CONFERENCE 07/11/13 my papers 25
Information obtained from Gateshead Children's Service and again it is stated here the same thing, CHILD PROTECTION INITIAL CONFERENCE 07/11/13 my papers 25
page 2-3. On 10 /2/2010 concerns were raised when Krishna was collected from school for lunch by an unknown male. Luci had sent a letter stating that she was unable to collect Krishna and that the male collecting her was a male she had met on the internet from Denmark. The school believed that the male had just arrieved in the country and that Krishna did not know him. (written by Alison Dodds).
This was my friend from Denmark and Krishna knew him as she had already spent time with him. The misunderstanding was that he went to collect her and called her by the nickname Gouri, as I call her, instead of Krishna, as she was known to school. If he was a stranger, the school wouldn't let him take Krishna home.



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