CORE ASSESSMENT RECORD, 11/10/13, by Joana Dean, papers 29

page 7.
Child is given appropriate adequate and nutritious diet including fluids. YES
Childs' sleeping place is clean and comfortable. YES
Child's nappy is changed regularly YES
Child medical/clinic appointment are generally kept YES
Parent/carer takes action to prevent common accidents (plugs cooking arrangements dangerous substances) YES
Child is protected from abuse. YES
page 7. There do not appear to be any concerns regarding Luci's ability to meet the health needs of her children. (...)
page 8.Luci herself is fit and well. There have been some concerns that she has some health issues an this was not noted and explored in the first Initial Assessment completed around the time of Kalindi's birth. There was no evidence at that time to sugest that mental health concerns were apparent. (...)
page 9. Child is making expected progress with speech and language YES
Show curiosity about his/her environment people toys etc YES
Child likes to play with toys and objects YES
Cofnitive skills at expected level YES
By age 2 years child can respond to instructions YES
page 9-10. Child has a range of toys/play materials suitable to his/her stage of development YES
Child has frequent opportunities to communicate and play with others YES Child has someone safe to play with him YES
Parent/carers ensures that out of home play areas are safe YES
Child is closely supervised by an adult in and out of home YES
Parent/carer shows approval of the child's achievements YES
Parent/carer reads to/look at books with/listen to music with the child YES
Parent/career consistently encourages the child to learn YES
Child has some freedom to explore his/her environment YES
Yet Alison Dodds said on :
page 1. Child is excessively passive and hard to engage. (they said YES)
This is a complete contradiction of the previous Social Worker Joana Dean, I believe the reports made certainly by one of the Social Workers (Alison Dodds) and possibly by two, were deliberately prejudicial because of my ethnicity and my Hindu religion.
page 10. (...) Luci has sufficient age appropriate toys within the property and KALINDI has sufficient access to them.

Kalindi 2
Kalindi 1

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CORE ASSESSMENT RECORD, 11/10/13, by Joana Dean, papers 29 (about KALINDI) Counter Statements To Social Workers. page 15-16
Parent/carer loves the child unconditionally YES
Parent/carer is able to keep calm and consistent when chilkd is excessively distressed YES
Parent/carer is responsive and in tune with child's needs for comfort YES
Parent/carer spends suffiecient time with the child to sustain a stron relationship YES
Child is protected from witnessing odd or frightening behavious YES
Parent/carer monitors interactions between child and siblings YES
Child is discouraged from violent or cruel behaviour YES
Child is taken out to visit shops/friends/family. etc YES
There is a stable pattern of care in the child's day to day life. YES
page 18. There are no concerns regarding the childrens presentation. Both are clean and tidy. While there family have had no electicity they have been using the local swimming baths and launderette.
page 19.
Child's clothes are clean not soiled with urine excrement of food YES
Child's dress is appropriate for age, gender, culture and religion and where necessary, impairment YES
Parent/carer shows pride in child YES
INITIAL ASSESSMENT , by Joanna Dean, 13/08/13, papers 31
page 5.
Is the child/young person a child in need as defined in the Chileren Act 1989? NO
A child in need whose vulnerability is such that they are unlikely to reach or maintain a satisfatory level of health or development without the provision of services NO
A child in need whose health or development will be significantly impaired without the provision of services (is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm) NO
A Child in need whos is disable. Record the types of impairment using the children in need categories NO
If the child's name is not on the disability register, have the parents consented to it being placed there? NO
HEALTH VISITOR. 31/10/13, by Joanne Pearson and Debbie Smith, papers 32
page 10. 31/10/13 Arranged home visit, Luci, Krishna and KALINDI present. Luci was preparing tea for her children. Krishna happily played a recital on the piano for us and Mum looked on very proud, KA also tapped on the drum at the same time. The family were all in good spiritis. (...)
page 11. Luci enjoys taking KALINDI out and about on a daily basis, they enjoy feeding the birds in the local square. (...)
page 11. During home visits, KALINDI has always been clean and appropriately dressed for the wheather. Health visitors have observed a warm, loving emotional bond between Luci and both her children, KALINDI's face light up when she is interacting with her Mum.(...)
There is obvious and profound discrepancies between the reports made by social workers, with this in mind, there can be no doubt that one Social Worker maybe two, a Court Guardian and a Court Solicitor have conspired to create and write false evidence about me in relation to my parenting ability, racial ethnicity and religious belief.
Many of the statements which have been submitted fall into this category, I might remind the court that

Section 9 Of the Human Rights Act, states,
"1. In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law. "
I do not consider, manufactured evidence, falsified documents, or verbal lies about my daughter's character to be either professional or fair. North Tyneside Social Services have set out to deliberately discredit me, using corrupted evidence to do so. They have engaged in both verbal and written defamation of character, of both myself and my daughter, social workers have also altered reports and written in their own versions of events, they have deliberately upset KA (my baby) in order to cause me distress. There is no doubt at all that they have also with malicious intent, used further documentation to create a case against me, whilst other documents appear to have been supressed.
Yes I have made errors of judgement, in times of need, however, one the ONE occasion which I am accused of leaving my child alone, I had entrusted her with my 12 year old, to keep an eye on. As far as I knew, this was not illegal, because KR is a bright intelligent and capable girl. However I realised to that was a mistake. My other mistake was to become embroiled in a bad relationship, with a violent drug abusing partner.
However, I now have a new house and a new home, my circumstances have fully changed and both of my children are safe. I would like to add though, than neither of my children were ever "unsafe" with me, or at risk of any harm. However, it appears that in order to prove that, North Tyneside Social Services have used a plethora of false and untrue information. That does not constitute a fair trial.
Luci Da Costa

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